Autumn Beauty: The Budget Edition

While it definitely doesn't feel quite as Autumnal as I'd like here at the moment, it doesn't stop me from wanting to change up the beauty products I reach for. Autumn is the time for berry lips, shimmery copper-toned eyes, metallic nails and a touch of glow. Today I wanted to share some of my favourite, affordable beauty products for Autumn or Fall as the American folk call it. There's some real gems in here and the best part is they won't make your wallet weep...

Essence Lash Mania Mascara-This is one of my friend's favourite mascaras and she's been known to buy it in bulk so I had to see what all the fuss was about when she was buying it. Update: Since I wrote this I've found out this mascara has been discontinued which is sad but I might as well leave this review here anyway in case it's still around somewhere. Oh my goodness guys it is good. It's one of the few mascaras I have tried that curls your lashes properly, without an additional lash tool. It gives you a ton of volume and makes your lashes look thick and lush. 

Topshop Beauty Glow Highlighter-Admittedly I tend to not reach for this a lot because I do prefer my powder highlighters. For a cream highlight though this champagne number is so pretty. It's not filled with chunky shimmer particles and is perfect for paler skintones. Topshop makeup, despite being a bit pricier than some of the other products in this post is still pretty affordable and fairly decent value for money. 

Milani Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Bella Sand-Milani is one of my favourite drugstore brands. You can shop them online here in NZ via Makeup.co.nz but they don't seem to have these online at the moment. These are such lovely shadows though. Uber pigmented with a silky finish. I love the colour range as well. Bella Sand is my favourite neutral shadow for days when I just can't be bothered putting any effort into my makeup, it happens more often than you'd think(!). 

Wet N Wild Lip Color in Cherry Picking-This was inspired by Tara and Ellen because I know they love these lipsticks. My friend in the US (shout out to you Hannah) sent me this colour last year and I love it. It's a gorgeous berry colour that leans a bit more on the pink side of things so it's less intimidating if you're not a fan of the vampier lip look. I need to wear this in a video/in real life sometime soon actually. It's been a while.

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Comfort Zone-Another little gem sent over by Hannah. She's a legend that one. This palette is stunning. The eyeshadows all have such strong pigmentation and I love how they're all laid out with their uses clearly labelled. Palettes like these are perfect for people who aren't quite confident with their eyeshadow knowledge. Let's face it, not having to think about makeup in the mornings is also a mega bonus. 

Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Matte lipstick in Daringly Nude*-I only received this colour from Maybelline at the end of last week but it's fast becoming one of my favourite lipsticks. The colour is basically identical to the hue of my lips and reminds me so much of my beloved Patisserie lipstick x MAC. I'm really loving these nude lipsticks from Maybelline so be prepared to see me waxing lyrical on them a bit more soon.

Essie Polish in Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low-This was purchased at Postie Plus of all places for the bargain price of $8. That's less than half the price of what they usually sell for here in NZ! They don't have the greatest colour selection but they're still worth checking out. This shade is described as a molten gold but to me it leans more silver. It's super pretty and that's all there is to say about it really.

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush-An oldie but a goodie. This shade isn't sold in NZ but it's easy enough to hunt down online if you're keen. The perfect, coppery bronze eyeshadow with a touch of glitz to it. It's one of my all-time favourites and these shadows are so underrated, they need a bit more love!

-What are your Autumn beauty staples?

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