Life in Pictures: Summer-Autumn

It's been a while since I did a life in pictures-style post but I enjoy doing them so it was about time a revival happened. None of these pictures look remotely autumnal come to think of it, and it definitely still feels rather summery around here. Here's what my camera snapped over the last few weeks...

-(Above) Lush greenery in the Winter Gardens, Auckland Domain. This is one of my absolute favourite places to visit.

-I gave my desk a major declutter as it was fast becoming an incredibly messy space. I love how it looks now and it makes me actually want to use it for productive tasks.

-The very aesthetically pleasing menu at Chuffed on the weekend. I went there with my friend Emma and we both had delicious lunches. 

-I finally gave my moodboard an update. I love the mixture of things I have up at the moment.

-Inside the Auckland Art Gallery. I promise I'm not being sponsored to promote Auckland haha. This is inside my favourite room-looking at this now I realise how eerily similar the colours of the walls in here are to my bedroom.

-Friday's #fotd a couple of weeks back. Well, some of it. I've been loving Diptyque's Philosykos fragrance again this month-I'm so glad I didn't end up rehoming it. I'm also really liking the Maybelline lipsticks (the brown tube) but more on that soon.

-Another look inside the Winter Gardens. How could you not love this space?

*I hope everyone's having a fantastic week! I'm going back into my study bubble-not that I've been out of it much lately. On a positive note: Somehow I got an A+ for my first assignment of the semester. What even is life? This has happened to me a handful of times during my Uni studies so I was a bit shocked to say the least. What else...I'm just keeping calm and carrying on, oh-and daydreaming about Kylie Jenner lipsticks. Koko K and Posie K are on my wishlist but I refuse to support the scalpers on Trade Me etc so I will patiently *ahem* wait for a restock.

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