March Favourites

It's early in the monthly favourites scheme of things but whether out of organisation or assertiveness, I actually knew exactly what I'd been loving this month quite early on and didn't have to debate with myself too much. There's a mix of beauty and non-beauty in here+some stuff that didn't make it to the photos, for obvious reasons. Anyway, here is my favourites for March...

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Sweet Tooth*-I love this lipglass from MAC. It's non-sticky, and pairs nicely with nude lipsticks. It's such a flattering colour and I love how you can wear it on its own and it still has a hint of pigment to it so it doesn't just look like clear lipgloss, cue nineties flashbacks. If the Flamingo Park collection is still on counters where you live you should go check this lipglass out.

Tartelette in Bloom Palette-My other eyeshadows haven't been getting much attention lately thanks to this palette, but I'm okay with that. It's the perfect combination of colours and while there aren't as many shimmer shades included as I would like, I am okay with the three that are in there. My favourite shade is Firecracker, the shimmery bronze but they're all pretty fabulous.

Lush Frozen Bath Bomb, not pictured-This bath bomb was a bit expensive hence I only bought one and don't have another to show you. This is what it looks like in the water though. The name might be inspired by a certain Disney film but don't let that put you off. This blue, glimmery ball of goodness looks absolutely beautiful+baths with bath bombs are so relaxing.

Kikki K Minimalist Weekly Planner Pad, similar here-If you love organisation but don't love having tonnes of pieces of paper everywhere you should get one of these pads. I actually use mine to plan out my University timetable each day. I also use it to fill in when I'm working and other random tasks/meetings I have. I like this one because it also features a to-do list section and a next week column, which is where I stick all the deadlines I have coming up the following week. It's such a handy thing to have.

Full House-Thanks to Netflix and Fuller House I've been getting real nostalgic this month. I watched the series revival in a week, possibly less and then tracked down Season 1 on DVD. It's as good as my childhood self remembers it being. Also, every single season is now on Netflix which makes me far too happy. If you've never seen Full House and want a funny+lighthearted watch you should check this out.

Estee Lauder Brow Now Volumizing Brow Tint*-This is the first brow gel/mascara that I've tried that actually matches my brow colour. I have dark brows but the darkest shade often makes them look jet black, not ideal. I have this in the shade brunette and it perfectly matches my eyebrows. It's the perfect thing to set your pencil products in place, or you can use it on its own if you're in a hurry. My brows are defined so I don't use it for volumizing as such, but it helps to make things look a whole lot more polished or 'on fleek' as the cool kids say.

Diptyque Philosykos, a gift-I had a mass beauty cull recently and came so close to parting with this fragrance. I'm glad I didn't though because I forgot how much I loved it. It's musky, figgy and is the perfect scent for Autumn and Winter. I'm terrible at describing fragrances but it's one of those scents that is just comforting and a bit different. I love it for this time of year.

The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett, not pictured-There's a few books that could have made their way in here this month but I went for this one because it surprised me. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this much as I did but I loved it and tore through it. I think it helped that the chapters weren't overly long but also it's such a unique storyline and setup. The three different plotlines all blend together beautifully and they all bring something different to the book. I'd recommend this if you're after a contemporary novel with a lot of elements to it.

-What have you been loving during March?

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