Paper Treats

Ahh paper goods. I feel the way about them the way Donna feels about fine leather goods. Over the last few months I've acquired a few new bits and pieces so I thought I'd bundle them all together into one blog post so fellow stationery appreciators can swoon and become the embodiment of the heart-eyed emoji in one place. Enjoy...

Cat Coquillette-I'm sure you will have seen this designer's work appearing on Instagram and on the walls of rather snazzy homes. Kate and Anna are fans, as am I. The type combined with the flora and fauna elements just gets me. As you're about to learn I love a good pop culture reference; hence the Parks and Rec plus Mean Girls themed cards. She does some gorgeous prints featuring quotes as well which are worth checking out. I love that I can't even sticker as well. It speaks to me on so many levels.

Carmen Hui Art-Buzzfeed ran an article on Australian Etsy stores recently and Carmen Hui's work was featured. She does beautiful prints, again featuring flora and fauna as well as furry friends like this Koala+succulent drawing up above. How cute is it?? I'm looking forward to adding it to my pinboard sometime soon.

Kikki K-You all know by now how much I love Kikki K so I'll spare you my usual love-letter. I had a couple of discount vouchers/loyalty perks to take advantage of so I grabbed this inspiration book, these and then the notepad was a freebie. The adhesive dots may seem random but they're great for things like journalling, DIY's like cards and envelopes etc. Kikki K have a bunch of awesome, inspiration+motivational themed wares in store at the moment so you should go check them out if they sound like your kind of jam.

bestplayever-Pop culture paradise is the phrase I'd use to describe this online store. I spied their wares on Olivia's blog and was smitten. If you like Wes Anderson films, this is your kind of store. They also have some rather awesome Parks and Recreation themed pieces as well. I love that Grand Budapest Hotel notebook I picked up and Leslie's uber flattering card. I may just have to send that to the Ann Perkins equivalent in my life. 

-Which stationery/paper gems have you acquired lately? Any stores I should know about? Leave 'em below! 

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