Hello, It's Me

You're probably thinking, she hasn't even gone anywhere. Sorry Adele, I ruined the poetic flow of your song. The powers of scheduling and using my free time productively. I've been in full-on revision and then exam mode the last few weeks. Exams, the less said on those the better. Who genuinely enjoys them? I certainly don't but I have to say this set of exams was the most relaxed I have felt before and during an exam in a long time. Perhaps that just comes with age and wisdom (ha), but exams don't give me the crazy levels of anxiety that they used to. That being said I would quite happily never sit one ever again. Anyway, they're done and dusted.

So I am back! I'm on semester break now for just over a month. I mean there's still the usual life-ness happening but I don't need to pick up a textbook or wax lyrical on obligatory things for a while. This means I have a lot more time to blog and vlog, the latter I'm particularly excited about. I'm also going away on a mini-break next week. Nowhere exotic, just a little bit further down this island I live on. I've got some posts and things planned for next week though so keep an eye out! If there is anything in particular you'd like to see on the blog though, sing out. I do have a schedule I use but I'm always open to modifying it if I get a better idea/one of you lovely folk want to see something specific. I also have a rather exciting recipe post coming next month for you all too. Not many of you know this but I love baking. I just don't blog it all that often because it tends to get one or two throwaway comments about 'food blogging' that I don't care for. However I'm at the stage now where I will blog what I want to without listening to the unwanted background noise too much. Almost five years of typing away on a keyboard will do that for you. 

What else..oh I contacted my Me Before You winners! Congrats to Emma, Sheena and Meagan who all won themselves a copy of the book. I'm not going to lie, I came close to posting them all a packet of tissues as well but given it's cold season here in NZ I'm sure these ladies all have some nearby anyway. That's about all from me for now. I hope you all are good and that you've had a nice week+June so far! See you all next week with some beauty+book goodness. 

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