Taking Stock: Volume Four

Nothing says "I had a gap in my blog schedule" more than a tag. I'm joking guys, I know tags make the blogging and vlogging world go 'round. Today I thought I'd do another life update of sorts for y'all. I'm writing this in the sun underneath the windowsill and it's so peaceful. 

Reading: At the moment I'm reading an uncorrected proof of The Moonlight Dreamers and am loving it. I'm also still reading Just Kids by Patti Smith because I keep picking it up and then putting it down again. There's also a few magazines on the go as well because when is there not?

Watching: My cousin and I have been binge-watching The IT Crowd. I've seen it so many times now and it's still one of my favourite shows. I can probably quote that about as much as I can quote Mean Girls. We've also been watching Parks and Recreation from the beginning which is a good time.

Buying: This phone case because I have zero shame. Tina Fey+Amy Poehler are my faves. I also got my brother a top from Redbubble for his birthday and some stickers. Yep.

Listening: To French Music! We had a Brigitte Bardot cd going earlier and it was actually really good. She has a soothing voice to listen to. I'm also listening to a lot of Amy Winehouse at the moment, partly because I've had some engaging discussions with people about her and the danger of celebrity culture lately. Mainly though it's because I love her music and voice.

Feeling: Content. Thanks mid-semester break, you gem xo.

Planning: What I'm going to get up to over my break. I have to design+make a website for my parent's business and do some admin-type things. I can't wait to catch up with my friends as well and visit some places I've wanted to get to for a while. 

Wishing: That it wasn't cold. Palmy I like you and all but you're a tad chilly! Side note: I'm in Palmerston North as I type this and it's just a bit colder than Auckland. 

Enjoying: Going for walks. I don't have my car down here and it's pretty easy to walk everywhere. Side note: Ditch the car more in Auckland.

Eating: A banana and a piece of shortbread. Balanced diet y'all. 

Hoping: That Me Before You is just as good to watch as it is to read. I know they've cut out some plot lines so it will be interesting to see how that changes things.

Thinking: About going for a walk soon because I can. R i v e t i n g.

Lacking: Motivation to go for said walk. The struggle is real.

Trying: Food combinations that shouldn't work but do. Last night I was introduced to Weetbix with butter and Marmite. It sounds so, so wrong but it actually tastes amazing! I was skeptical and kinda still am but dang that was good.

Drinking: Water, and far too much coffee. 

Wanting: At the moment I really want this book because I loved it and also I'd love, and by no means need this, Baies Room Spray. It's such a divine scent.

Deciding: Whether or not I want to go to something I was invited to. I do like going to events but things like living so far away and peak-traffic aren't as appealing.

Wearing: Topshop Jamie jeans, socks and a long-sleeved khaki green top.

Needing: New textbooks for next semester. I only have to get 2/3, one is kinda nonessential. They're all quite expensive though. #unilyf

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