4 Online Book Clubs To Join

The Internet can be a bit like the high school cafeteria in many ways, both good and bad. One of its amazing abilities is its tendency to unite likeminded people, sharing common interests and beliefs. We might not always find our people in high school but we more often than not will find them online. Readers and literary enthusiasts can now find their place online too in digital book clubs. Here's some I recommend you cast your eyes over...

Between Two Books-This is one of my favourite online book clubs, and it was established by Florence and the Machine fans. They discovered Florence shared a love for literature and now she recommends the books, along with some of her friends every few months. They have a Facebook page and closed group for discussions but you can also find them here. Some of my favourite books have been past recommendations from the club; The Goldfinch, Not That Kind Of Girl and Just Kids, among others. At the moment they are reading salt and bone which are frustratingly a bit harder to track down but if you can get hold of copies you should. 

Austentatious Book Club-Zoe aka readbyzoe established this Jane Austen book club a couple of months ago and already it is brimming with enthusiastic readers. At the moment there are books assigned through to January so if you want to join in you can get organised and obtain the books in advance. Last month they read Pride and Prejudice and they are currently reading Persuasion. I skim-read Persuasion back in Year 13, in fact it's probably not fair to say I skim read it because I remember nothing. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice right now and liking it so far, it's easier to read than I expected which is a bonus.

The Feminist Orchestra Book Club-Jean's book club is another of my favourites and has unearthed some books for me that I might not have read otherwise. I Call Myself A Feminist and Take it as a Compliment in particular are worth reading. The Feminist Orchestra is another one that sets out their books in advance and have assigned books through to the end of the year. While I don't think I'm going to get around to participating in all of the reads, I will definitely be picking up December's book.

Rookie Mag-So this is not strictly a book club but given Rookie post anywhere between 2-3 book posts per month I had to include them. They recommend a range of texts, including plays, diaries and of course the novel. A wide range of themes are often covered too so while you may not always find something to take your interest in their posts, one on sci-fi reads didn't interest me whatsoever, there's plenty of others in the archives. Some of the Rookie interviews that they conduct are great ways to find out about reading material too. 

-Are you in any online/offline book clubs? Which ones do you partake in+recommend?

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