The Lipstick Diaries

I've just realised that we have a Monday-Friday lipstick wardrobe here which makes the post title all the more apt. The obsession with the youngest Jenner's cosmetics continues and there's even one or two luxe lip offerings in the mix as well. Whether you're after a statement red or a gentle introduction to the liquid lipstick world, all bases, or pouts, are covered...

The statement making red: Tom Ford beauty has recently arrived in New Zealand and I was lucky enough to be given one of their lipsticks for my birthday (shout out to you M). Everything about this lipstick screams luxury, from the sleek black and gold packaging, to the TF embossed lipstick bullet. The colour though is the real winner. I have the shade Wild Ginger, which has a MAC Lady Danger vibe to it. It's vibrant with those orange undertones but because it's a creamier formula, it's a touch less dramatic. This is such a flattering colour and it's easy to see why it's such a fan favourite. 

The low-maintenance (ish) red: I've tried and tested a few different liquid lipsticks from various brands and price points but Kylie Jenner's are still my favourite. Mary Jo K is described as a "true blue red". These are the kind of reds to wear if your skintone errs on the paler side of things. Think the red lipstick Angelina Jolie wears as Maleficent. I pair this with MAC's Redd lip pencil for a bit of extra longevity but honestly these are pretty long-lasting on their own. 

The gateway liquid lipstick: While the new YSL Lip Vinyls* aren't liquid lipsticks in the traditional sense of the word, I had to include them here. They're the product to go for if you want to ease into the idea of a liquid lipstick but aren't quite ready for the commitment. They have the longevity of a liquid lipstick combined with the staying power of a stain. The key difference is that they're a fraction glossier. I have the shades Rose Happening and Nude Pulse. Despite their names, they're both vibrant shades with amazing colour payoff. I love how comfortable they are to wear too. Being more on the glossier side of things they do need a touch up every now and again but because they act as a stain you can get away with not doing it too often. 

The experimental metallic lip aka the one to scare everybody with at Halloween: Scare might be entirely the wrong word here, I wouldn't call this colour frightening. Maybe in broad daylight it would attract a bit of unwanted attention but it's surprisingly not too difficult to wear. I'm talking about King K of course, one of Kylie's metallic liquid lipsticks. King K is described as a soft metallic gold, it definitely pulls lighter on the lips than it does in the bullet. In saying that I've seen this worn on people with deeper skintones and it seems to suit them as well. Maybe it's one of those chameleon-esque lip products that looks different on everyone. I'll be honest, given how pale I am currently this isn't the most flattering colour on me right now and I haven't had the confidence to wear it out of the house yet. Somehow though I still really like it. I just need to find the best way to wear it. If you have any suggestions, leave them below.

-What lip products are you using and liking at the moment?

*PR Sample

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