Taking Stock: Volume Five

TGIF in every sense of the word. It's been a long, long week and mid-semester break has disappeared in the blink of an eye. For reals. Today I'm coming at you with another little life update if you will. Apologies if it ends up being a bit sarcastic, such is what happens when I am writing this at 8pm and in need of caffeine. Anyway, taking stock, volume five. Let's do this...

Reading: I have a few books on the go right now but the ones I am most devoted to are; How bad can love be? by Holly Bourne and Is that a dagger which I see before me? by William Shakespeare. Feminism and soliloquies basically. 

Watching: Freaks and Geeks, as recommended by Emma and a bunch of other people. It's so, so good!

Buying: Nothing, although I kinda want to replace some of my Real Techniques brushes that are getting a bit old and repurchase this concealer. 

Listening: To a whole lot of John Lennon. This is largely inspired by the John Lennon tribute show I went to last month. I seem to often go through a routine of listening to The Beatles at this time of the year, well every few months if I'm honest. 

Feeling: Tired af. 

Planning: What I'm going to get up to in Melbourne. It's just under two months until I'm over there and I'm so excited. Melbourne is one of my favourite places. 

Wishing: It wasn't so cold right now. Where's that sudden freezing temperature come from!? Spring, where are you at? 

Enjoying: Watching Freaks and Geeks. I'm a little bit obsessed, okay?

Eating: As of right now, nothing. Although I did have some fruit salad before with icecream. Nom. 

Hoping: That I get to watch all of Freaks and Geeks before I have to return it. I borrowed the box set from the library and have a fair chunk of episodes left. A binge session may need to take place this weekend.

Thinking: I should really stay away from opinion pieces that I know I will disagree with. Although, it is important to remember that the opinion belongs to one person and isn't necessarily reflective of society as a whole. 

Lacking: Sleep. I've been waking up at weird hours all break. Not ideal.

Trying: To not be so critical of myself, this better articulates it. 

Drinking: Water and coffee and water and coffee. You get the idea..

Wanting: Valentino Rockstuds and to go to the movies. There's so many films coming out soon that I want to watch. 

Deciding: If I want to housesit or not. Aka the one where I overanalyse every aspect. 

Wearing: My jeans, a printed shirt and my dressing gown. Weird combo but it's so cold, hence the dressing gown. 

Needing: Sleep! Which I am off to do right now. 9pm, what a partier haha.

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