February Reading List

Month #2 for the year and we have quite the variation in this month's reading list. I'm probably going to be over diaries very soon so this may be the last month you see one of those for a while but we also have a Shakespeare reinterpretation, a fun novel about magazines and a short story collection which is said to be brilliant, if not a touch bleak..

A Florence Diary by Diana Athill-This was a recommendation I chose after spotting it in British Vogue's pages. Side note: British Vogue always do fantastic write-ups of books, I'm not sure if the other editions do and I don't think they've recommended many a book that I have then gone on to read and dislike. Anyway, this slim volume from Diana Athill chronicles her two week holiday to Florence in the Summer of 1947. The adventures, the food and the pleasures and pitfalls of travel. There is something very enchanting about Florence and I'm looking forward to reading these brilliant insights from one rather fantastic writer.

Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood-Another fantastic writer whose work I am only, rather shamefully discovering now. The latest release in the Hogarth Shakespeare retellings is based around The Tempest. I actually studied the play for A2 Literature at high school and loved it. Not only was it entertaining but incredibly clever and whimsical. Going off the description I have linked, it almost sounds like it is a play within a play and I have only heard good things about it. In fact, I would not be surprised if this ends up being my favourite book this month.

Air Kisses by Zoe Foster Blake-After really enjoying the fun and escapism that The Wrong Girl gave me in the midst of a certain election this may again prove to be just the literary tonic some of us need. Air Kisses follows an unlikely beauty editor and her mishaps with magazine-dom and love among other things. It will definitely be making its way into my beach+pool bag this month. That is for sure.

Difficult Women* by Roxane Gay-This is not Roxane Gay's first foray into fiction but I have only read Bad Feminist previously so it is my first introduction to her creative writing. Admittedly I do not know a lot about this book. I have seen some reviews that say the stories can be a bit depressing so some tactfulness may be required with the reading of these stories. If I find anything that may be particularly triggering for anyone who may want to read it, I'll flag it in my review on Goodreads. 

-What are you reading in February?

*Review Copy

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