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If you are a Parks and Rec fan, I hope you read that title in your best Donna Meagle voice. Treat yo'self 2017, am I right? Today I want to talk about one of my favourite things, paper goods. Stationery from niche and not-so-niche places. Notebooks, pens and cards for writing and creating. There's just something so magic about putting pen to paper. Ironic, given this is being typed right now but you'd all struggle to read my slightly crazy handwriting. Anyway, here are the brands and designers you need to bookmark if like me, stationery makes your heart sing...

Muji-Ahh Muji, when I visited you were packed with a lot of sweaty betties on a 30 degree Melbourne day. It was hot but we were all a determined bunch and the heat was worth it to peruse your shelves of highly covetable, useful items. My friend and fellow stationery enabler Mandy bought me back some of their 0.38 Gel Ink Pens and ballpoint pens recently so I am all set in the writing instrument department. These come in an array of colours and are such a treat to use. Like everything Muji does they are well designed. Their notebooks are fantastic too and are cheap and cheerful, especially if you get stamp-happy in store. 

Papio Press-I can't take credit for this find, it was after spying them in one of Liv's gift guides that I learnt of their brilliance. Papio Press is the brainchild of husband+wife team Harry and Zanna. They are committed to supporting local businesses so all their products are made in the UK. They're also fans of green business practice so they use recycled paper and even biodegradable plastic. Their work is just beautiful and I will definitely be keeping them in mind for gifts and things this year. Weekly planners are my favourite because they let me see what I have to do each day and what is coming up across the week. I'm not an iCal person so this is perfect for me. I nabbed this floral one for myself but they also have some beautiful designs featuring red pandas, foxes or sloths if they take your fancy.

Ruby-While they may be recognised for their beautiful clothes, Ruby also have a select range of homeware and stationery that they also produce. For Christmas I received their 2017 diary from Evelyn and Carolyn over at FashioNZ. It is beautifully designed with floral motifs throughout. It even has monthly calendars you can scrawl on as well as pages for writing lists, notes and the like. This is my creative diary for 2017 and it's being well-used for planning blogging bits and pieces, as well as freelancing stories among other things.

Katie Housley Stationery-Another stationery brand which I believe was a blog find, I just cannot remember whose blog. Katie's designs are just beautiful and are so frame-worthy. Being handmade and just a little different they're the perfect thing to accompany gifts or send to your pals, just because. The cards I nabbed were all in the sale, my favourite being this bee card. I also love this birthday card and this hello flower card. Exquisite. 

Daiso-Ahh Daiso, the haven of $3.50 delights and three for ten dollar treasures. Admittedly I don't really have a ton from Daiso but I love their notebooks. They're such good quality and the fact most of them have plain covers means you can customise them a bit as well if you so wish. They're not quite as good as Muji but they're a bit easier to get ahold of, in Auckland at least so I cannot complain.

-Do you have any stationery brands you particularly love? Give them a nod in the comments!

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