January Favourites

Just like that January is almost behind us so naturally it is monthly favourites time. This month we have the movie that has got the world in a bit of a frenzy, an eyeshadow I'm smitten with, the book that surpassed my expectations and more..

Necklace x Tree of Life-This was part of my Christmas present from my lovely friend Amy. I cannot find it on the website but I have been wearing it constantly. Especially since my other favourite necklace broke. It's simplistic but I love it and will continue to wear it to death. 

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Kathleen Lights-Cream eyeshadows have gone back on my radar this month, simply for their ease of use but also the somewhat seamless colour payoff they tend to deliver. Colourpop's are some of my favourite and this bright golden copper is stunning. I love bronzier shades like this, especially when they have the longevity to go with it as well. 

Pixiwoo Present: Hollywood Icons, not pictured-Another Christmas present, this time from myself to myself. It also came with an exclusive, 1920's inspired designed blush brush which I'm actually using for bronzer. Anyway, extras aside. I loved this documentary that Sam and Nic created in collaboration with the BBC. They interviewed experts on the classic Hollywood fashions and timeless beauty looks of the eras. They also made some rather unsettling discoveries about the gruesome lengths some of the starlets went to in order to maintain their looks. It almost makes the surgery of today look tame in comparison. If you're interested in makeup, in particular the iconic looks associated with Hollywood royalty like Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe among others, you will love this. Sam and Nic have done such an amazing job with it.

MAC Eye Kohl in Prunella*, limited edition-This was from MAC's Nutcracker Sweet collection which annoyingly is no longer available but you can buy this colour as part of MAC's permanent collection. This blackened plum is just exquisite. Apart from liquid liner, I tend to go for browner, bronze hues with the odd navy thrown in so I love this softer take on a jet black liner. MAC's eye and lip pencils are some of the best in my opinion and they don't budge once you've applied them. 

Shu uemura Eyelash Curler-Believe the hype, these are good. They curl your lashes with ease and feel gentle. Eyelash curlers may look like a torture device but we don't want them to ever feel that way. Am I right ladies? These ones aren't the cheapest but they're worth the $$. I've been told they last ages too so that's a bonus.

La La Land-After watching this in a somewhat sour mood the first time, I was quite disappointed but I wanted to give it another chance in spite of that. It turns out my utterly bad mood really coloured my perception because I lovelovelove this film. It's special, charming and I like it a lot. The music in particular is fantastic and I love the way the movie is set up visually. The epilogue/dream sequence of sorts is so well done. You'll know what I mean if you have seen it. I feel like it's such a beautiful tribute to creative people, not just those trying to make it in LA. Also it has made me understand the Ryan Gosling appeal and want to relearn how to play the piano. "Here's to the fools who dream."

The New Garconne: How to be a Modern Gentlewoman by Navaz Batliwalla-My initial skepticism surrounding this book was quashed after I read it this month. Inside are a selection of profiles with women who are not only style icons when it comes to fashion and interiors but also are pretty savvy in the creative world too. As well as that, there is a handy guide to pieces for emulating the gentlewoman aesthetic and a shopping guide for everything from books to niche fragrance. It's less a style guide in the sense that you aren't told you need to buy certain items or can't be a true icon if you do not own brogues for example. It's more a tome to dip in and out of for inspiration and decide which facets you want to incorporate into your life. 

-What have you loved in January?

*PR Sample

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