February Favourites

Another month, another lineup of loves-from beauty to jewelry to that show I finally watched. February's favourites had the potential to be rather jam-packed but I condensed things down to the best of the bunch...

Maybelline Master Drama Nude Eyeliner in Rose Pearl and Brownie Glitz-After spying these in one of Alix's videos towards the end of last year, I made a mental note and filed them away. They were released earlier in the month as part of Maybelline's hefty launch in NZ. They seem to often release a ton of new products in one go rather than gradually. Anyway, these were buy one, get one half price at Farmers so I picked them up and oh my goodness. They are so lovely. Creamy, velvety, pigmented and budge-proof. I use the shade Brownie Glitz to line my lashes and Rose Pearl in the inner corner to highlight. Well worth the inexpensive price tag. 

Stranger Things-After much persuasion and convincing that this show would not scare me I watched all eight episodes in under a week. Part thriller, part horror, part homage to the classic eighties films like ET and of course Stephen King. This is so clever and adrenaline rush inducing in the best way. Winona Ryder is in it too which helps of course but honestly this is good. Just watch it if you're yet to see it.

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm-One of my friends gave me this mini tub of Omorovicza's cult cleanser and I love it. I've been using it when my skin's been a bit angrier and irritated this month  and not only does it leave things a lot less grimy, it also has my skin feeling so smooth the next day. It's a bit on the pricy side so I'd still reach for the Oskia cleansing gel over this one but for a quick skincare fix, it's kind of a lifesaver. 

Lovisa Celestial Silver Earrings-This month I really got back into wearing earrings, after spending ages thinking my piercings had closed up. This pair though have been on high rotation and I raced out the same day to get them after seeing this picture on Laura's Instagram. I'm kinda tempted to get the longer ones as well but I love these. Especially because they're much cheaper than some similar, more luxe ones I've been eyeing up. 

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Mont Blanc-A few years back this was my go-to foundation and I repurchased it in January after being displeased with the base I was using. Admittedly this colour is a tad too pale for me right now but I expect it will be matching me again in no time. It offers lightweight, buildable coverage and a flawless finish. If you have combination skin, this leans more on the satiny side of things so it's not too matte but not overly glowy either. Unlike Sheer Glow, it comes with a pump too. 

Simply Essential Brush Cleaning Pad*-If you're like me and find brush cleaning tedious, this is for you. You apply some brush cleaner to the pad, wet the brushes and then swirl them around the surface of the pad. I will say this is maybe a bit too small for larger brushes, like powder or bronzer but everything else comes up pretty clean quite quickly. 

Audiobooks-This month I've listened to two audiobooks; Lauren Graham's and Lena's and I've had some kind of epiphany. Audiobooks are actually kinda great. I did already know this, having listened to Enid Blyton's way back when but I haven't really appreciated them until I realised just how much I dislike the radio. That and how much Auckland's traffic sucks. They're the perfect distraction basically. Oh and they're entertaining. I think I'll stick to memoirs for now so if you have any great, read-by-author recs. for me, please let me know.

Modesty lipstick x MAC Cosmetics-After my somewhat ruthless makeup clear-out recently, I had enough products for two Back 2 MAC lipsticks. The first I chose was Modesty, which I was assured was pretty similar to Patisserie, another of my favourite MAC colours that I was getting rid of. It's not quite as glossy, which I like and has the perfect combination of pink and brown tones to complement my natural lip colour. If you're on the paler side of things, this is a beautiful nude.

-What have you loved during February?

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