The Colourpop Buys: Part Two

Last month I shared the first half of my Colourpop sale shopping and today I'm here with part two. It's cream eyeshadow heavy because Colourpop's cream shadows are my absolute favourite but I also have a gloss in here too. If you're as smitten with Colourpop as I am you should keep reading. 

Supershock shadows in Koosh (limited edition), La La and Game Face-Koosh was one of Colourpop's holiday eyeshadows and is sadly no longer available. It's a beautiful silvery lilac shade and has a really lovely sheen to it. It almost makes your eyelids look glossy as opposed to straight-up glittery. La La is a softened rose gold and is actually a repurchase for me. It was one of the first Colourpop shades I purchased and loved, hence it got added to this order. Game Face is a metallic, golden bronze. It reminds me a lot of a paint pot by MAC that I used to own+love, called Eclair (limited edition) and for that reason alone I am rather obsessed with it. 

Ultra Glossy Lip in Fairy Floss-Lip gloss is one of those products I seem to go through phases of liking and using a lot and then in contrast not wanting to go near it. Anyway, I may have found what is possibly one of the best lip gloss formulations around. Non tacky, non gloopy and so darn comfortable on the lips. Fairy Floss is described as a sheer, pale beige. It's one of those colours I feel like you need a bit of a tan to pull off and I can almost only just get away with it at the moment. In retrospect I perhaps should have gone for something a bit deeper but I'm sure I'll still use it for layering and the likes.

-Have you tried any of these Colourpop products? What did you think of them?

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