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A few weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited along to MAC's Make-Up Art Cosmetics launch and masterclass featuring Kabuki. He wowed an intimate group of beauty bloggers and media with his stunning, editorial-ready look he created at the Britomart Pro Store. It may have been early in the morning but my caffeine-deprived self was no less in absolute awe of what can only be described as makeup magic. I didn't take many pictures on the day, there's a couple on my Instagram but I was more than happy to take notes and just watch him at work. Today I thought I'd give you a bit of a rundown on each of the artists involved with this extensive collection, as well as my picks from each of their products I was given to try. 

Diane Kendal-British born Diane Kendal is the makeup artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty as well as their current product consultant. She's also worked with many of the Vogue titles. Most recently, she did the makeup for the February cover of British Vogue but she's also made up the faces of Kate Moss, Kaia Gerber and Millie Bobby Brown to name a select few. Of all the collections, I'd say hers is my favourite and if you get one of her products, I'd recommend the Glamourize Me* cream shadow palette. You may have seen this in Sam's videos because she loves it and it's just lovely. I recommend using a brush rather than fingers with this but the shades all make gorgeous bases for eyeshadow looks. My favourite is the bronze in the top right, called Dynamic. 

Kabuki-As mentioned above, Kabuki was flown to New Zealand for a series of masterclasses. He expertly paired together bold colours and textures that I wouldn't think to put together. They ended up looking amazing though and I love how innovative and fun Kabuki's products are. They're definitely not for the faint of heart but I can imagine people that love colour, as well as the pros of course will love them. You may have seen me wearing the grey matte liquid lipstick* on my Snapchat and I do like the colour but haven't been brave enough to wear it out for ages yet. I'm still working out how to wear it and make it work for me but I loved that this was inspired by old Hollywood films. I only received the one product from Kabuki's line but I did swatch some others on the day and the dazzleshadows in particular were stunning. He also has some beautiful crystal glaze glosses. The red is giving me Judy Garland, ruby slipper vibes. 

James Kaliardos-Out of all the products I received the majority came from Kaliardos' collaboration and I don't have a problem with that because they're fabulous. James Kaliardos is another Vogue favourite and has created campaign and runway beauty for the likes of Chanel, Rodarte, Anna Sui and more. Of the lipsticks I have, Jasper*, the deep reddish brown is my favourite but there's a few coral pinks in his collection too. I also love the jumbo sized version of MAC's penultimate* liner for dramatic eye looks but my favourite product and again another palette is the Moons of Saturn* face palette. Weirdly enough it reminds me of those phones with the sliding keypads back in the day but I love the blush and bronzer in particular. This is a great one to have for traveling or on the go touchups as you can just use your fingers and not worry about brushes.

The MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics collections land in stores on Monday the 20th of February. I wanted to showcase them now though so you can get in early because I imagine products, in particular the palettes and lipsticks will go fast. 

*PR Sample

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