April Favourites

The first quarter of 2017 has just disappeared faster than the Easter chocolate post-Easter Sunday. Bring back the mini eggs please. Today we have six rather wondrous bits 'n bobs I've loved during April. An eye product, some intoxicating writing, comforting scents and more...

Lancome Hypnose Volume-A-Porter Mascara*: Since taking these images I've found a new mascara which may just rival this one but for the months of March+April, Lancome's mascara was my go-to. I think I've finally worked out what it is I like in a mascara, great volume. This one does not disappoint and it gives just the amount of drama I love. If you're after a luxe mascara, I highly rate Lancome's. Every one I have tried has been an instant hit with me.

The Body Shop 'Almond Milk and Honey' range*: Special nod to the hand and shower creams. I've already waxed lyrical on this scent and its comforting, enveloping yourself in fresh linen sensibilities. I just love it. It's so nourishing and exquisite on every level. The body scrub is definitely going to end up in my possession sooner rather than later.

Brie Earrings x Pigment Studio: There's so much to love about Albertine's gorgeous pieces, in fact I'm eyeing up some more earrings from her as I type. These Brie ones though are stunning. Lightweight and super comfortable to wear. The butterfly closure on them is super sturdy and secure so there's no risk of them going MIA. I feel like some of the cheaper earrings don't have the best fastenings. They're also unique and a bit of a conversation starter too. I love 'em.

Joan Didion: More specifically, Didion's writing. This month I've read both South and West: From A Notebook** (currently reading) and The Year of Magical Thinking. I don't know how to quite articulate how I feel about Didion's writing without sounding like an arrogant hipster. What I will say though is her writing is so intoxicatingly brilliant. Raw, real, full of emotion and colour and brilliance in every sense. 

Miu Miu Eau De Parfum*: For the last few months I've been alternating between this scent and YSL's Mon Paris* but I keep coming back to this fragrance. Intoxicating, alluring. The perfect marriage of woods and floral. Some people find this fragrance overpowering but compared to other scents I've tried I find it not so...intense. It's potent yes but in a subtler way. Like a Vodka Lime and Bitters. Why am I comparing perfume to drinks? Anyway, love this fragrance. Love its design and campaign imagery too. A++, would spritz again.

Thirteen Reasons Why: The show everybody is talking about. I also raced through the book a couple of weeks ago but the book is nowhere near as expansive as the show. That and a particularly major plot point is slightly tweaked. I'm not quite finished this show and I am aware there are a lot of opinions and debate around it so I'll save my two cents for another day. What I will say though is that this show is extremely important. Extremely, extremely important. I was on the receiving end of bullying in high school, not quite to the extent of Hannah's experience but damaging enough. I can say just how powerful and damning words in particular can be. That being said, if you're worried about how the show will affect you, look up the plot first and watch it at your discretion. It's emotionally taxing and not the show you should binge watch in one sitting. As I said though, I am glad this has been made. It needed doing. 

-What have you liked during April?

*PR Sample

**Review Copy

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