Favourite Issues of British Vogue

British Vogue is not so secretly one of my favourite magazines and it was only recently that I realised, I've been a fangirl, glossy girl for nearly ten years now. How crazy is that? I remember going to a local shopping centre as a tween and deliberating whether or not I wanted to spend the majority of my pocket money on a copy. Negating Starbucks frappe privileges, big big thing guys. I jest. Today I thought I'd go back through the archives and share anecdotes about some of my favourite issues. If you're a magazine lover, keep reading...

December 2016: This is mainly here because of the editorial featuring Lily Rose Depp. Fairytale inspired with a modern edge. Dreamy, whimsical, charming. The perfect issue to release at Christmastime. 

Centenary Issue, 2016: The subject of much of Inside Vogue and a collector's piece for fashion fanatics. It was also the first major magazine to feature Kate Middleton, style icon and of course ambassador for the National Portrait Gallery among other organisations. As well as that, there's a rather fascinating insight into the cost of fashion over the years, fashion designer's memories of British Vogue, musings from current+present staff and more. 

September 2015: The famed September issue featured Emma Watson and is one of my favourite covers, ever. You can see it peeking out behind Kate M above. I know Vogue magazines are laden with advertising, no place is this more evident than in the US September issue. I feel like British Vogue has this on a less excessive scale. The stories and content within their pages don't make it annoying. In a way, the ads are almost works of art in themselves, the better ones anyway. 

October 2014: As we are about to observe, October is a good month for British Vogue cover stars. I loved this laid-back shoot with Rosamund Pike to promote Gone Girl. The accompanying interview was fantastic as well. 

October 2013: Alexa freakin' Chung. I'll admit the hairstyling in these pictures does throw me off slightly. The accompanying story by her about couture though more than makes up for it. We can let the pageboy hair slide, just this once AC. 

January 2012: Florence Welch! Beautiful imagery, reminiscent of renaissance women. I don't think I have this issue anymore, unless it's stowed away in our coffee table/chest. The pictures though truly reflect Florence's style and aesthetic as an artist at that time so they will always be some of my favourites.

December 2008: A collector's piece if ever there was one. A matte cover, Kate Moss in a tulle gown, the best Roald Dahl themed editorial ever. Tim Walker photographed various British icons in Dahl-themed imagery. Helena Bonham Carter in the glass elevator, Karen Elson with a pistol. Gigantic bubblegum bubbles, a humongous crocodile, colour for days. It's just exquisite. Sophie Dahl's story on her memories of Roald Dahl is fantastic as well. I will never get rid of this.

-Do you have a magazine you love?

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