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Let’s set the record straight; when it comes to skincare regimens, I am pretty undisciplined. I am good at always removing my makeup but if I am tired and the thought of cleansing and the rest feels tedious, I will just flag it in favour of more time reading. One way around this is a short, relatively simple routine. This is where something like the Clinique Fresh Pressed System* is advantageous. A cleanser and a booster that functions in a similar way to your serum or a shot of healthy, nourishing juice. As I write this introduction it is 10pm on a Friday night. The Sunset Instagrams are finally dying down and I am about to begin using this new skincare system…

Friday 31st March: Where are the English instructions? -Five minutes later- Oh there they are! I wonder if this sherbet-like powder will feel tingly/fizzy on the skin? Was I supposed to use the whole sachet tonight? Top beauty blogger here, not reading instructions first. Removed the cleanser and my skin feels cleaner already! Followed up with my usual toner and serum (see photo) and then combined two pumps of the Daily Booster with my moisturiser. Afterwards things looked very glowy. Hmm…

Saturday 1st April: My skin was not glowy or overly shiny this morning, which I love because my combination skin often looks shiny in an irritating way at this time of year. Is this system magic? I used the Daily Booster again with my moisturiser this morning, a bit too liberally. Fingers crossed it doesn’t run out. My skin feels smoother too. So far, so good. This evening I didn’t use enough water with the cleanser so things felt a bit tacky. Lesson learnt, be liberal with water; don’t be liberal with the booster.

The rest of my skincare routine.

Sunday 2nd April: Well my adult acne, ugh, seems to have vanished, yay! Tonight the cleanser to water ratio was achieved as well. It’s the small things.

Monday 3rd April: In breaking news, a small planet has set up camp on my jawline. Pretty sure it’s makeup related so I may have to avoid the offending product for the time being. Author’s note: It was nothing to do with makeup. See next entry. Otherwise my skin is smooth and feels much more hydrated than usual. This twice-daily moisturising ritual is a godsend. Who knew?

Tuesday 4th April: Skin has wreaked hormonal havoc, cue blemishes but otherwise things are still looking pretty good. Just in case, I bought my charcoal exfoliator into the routine tonight as well. Side note: the more I use the Daily Booster, the more I notice and love that it smells like freshly squeezed orange juice. I’m going to miss using it when it runs out.

Wednesday 5th April: I forgot to keep a diary today, whoops. From memory though, my skin still felt a lot more hydrated. My makeup is sitting a lot better on my face and is applying well too. Can it be put down to the Fresh Pressed System? It’s hard to say after only a few days but it certainly seems to be having some impact.

Thursday 6th April: Dear skin, thank you for taking my job interview into consideration and clearing up accordingly. Love from Sophie.

Friday 7th April: I am fresh out of cleanser, pun intended but I still have some Daily Booster left. Admittedly I have been a bit more frugal with this product because I really like it and don’t want it to run out. I’ll continue pairing it with my moisturiser until it is finished. Clinique Fresh Pressed, it’s been a blast. Thanks for helping me become a little more disciplined with my skin than usual and for making a noticeable impact in seven days.

The verdict: Clinique Fresh Pressed is an effective system. In the long run it can be a bit costly but if you need something that is going to be fast acting and give your skin some oomph and hydration, this is well worth it. If you want your skin looking and feeling amazing before an important event, a holiday, a wedding and vice versa, I would highly recommend looking into this. It is designed to be compatible with all skin types but as with anything, we recommend you patch test first. You can buy the seven-day system for $60.00. It comes with seven powder cleanser sachets and one vial of the Daily Booster. Alternatively, you can purchase the Daily Booster in a bundle of 4 vials for $130.00 or the powder sachets in a set of 28 for $70.00

*PR Sample

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