June Reading List

New month, new season, new reads. You might notice this post looking a bit sparser than usual. I've been serial-reading and flitting in and out of different pages. Great when you want some variety. Not so great when you have way too many things to read. This month we have a novel, a memoir-creature of habit and all that, plus all the magazines...ALL of them.

Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller: After seeing Emma buying and then posting a glowing review of this book, I had to order it in at the local library to read for myself. It's partly told through a series of letters left in books from a wife to her husband. That is enough to get me interested and excited by this one.

All The Magazines: Somehow I've accumulated a few magazines. Why am I surprised really...This month I'm making it my goal to work through as many of them. I'm quite slow with magazines because I do like to read them cover to cover mostly. Ones I'm hoping to read and complete are; The Happy Reader (when it arrives), Violet, archival issues of Lula, British Vogue x2 and some others which I'm saving for a blog post. 

There Is No F*cking Secret by Kelly Osbourne: Back in the days when Fashion Police was in its prime, Kelly Osbourne was often one of my favourite parts about watching the show. She's a no bullshit kinda lady and has overcome a lot so I found her particularly inspiring to see. Her new book, is a memoir told in letters to people and places. I had a quick flick through yesterday and it sounds fantastic so I will keep you posted.

-What are you reading during June?

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