The Beauty Files, Vol. Three

There's certainly no shortage of beauty launches at the moment. It was made all the more clear when I was thinking about what to include in this post. Sometimes it almost feels like there's too many launches. In fact, I read an article the other day saying that MAC releases on average fifty new collections a year. A remarkable achievement for sure but one that makes me wonder if it's absolutely necessary to have that many new collections, products and vice versa on the market. I call myself a beauty blogger eh? Cynicisms aside, there are plenty of fantastic new launches around if you're feeling spendy... 

Something(s) New: Face Case* by Go-To. I'm a keen supporter of anything Zoe Foster Blake does so I was really excited to receive this through my mailbox recently. Insulting box, chocolate sleeping 'pills' and all. Silk pillowcases have a range of benefits; less static hair i.e. no more waking up looking like Hagrid, less wrinkly faces and they won't absorb your moisturiser like it's a decadent dessert. Score! I am yet to try this, as it's being saved for something special** but will keep you all updated on how it goes in silktown. Another newbie is the L'Oreal Colorista* range. Now I have to confess, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to colours like these. I like them, but half the time I think they'll either not translate to my hair or end up looking like I've coated my head in a fluorescent pen. Irrational dye fears perhaps? Anyway, I've always wanted to add a touch of ginger to my hair so I'm hoping to try this wash-out colour very soon. I've never DIY dyed before so if anyone has any tips, leave them in the comments please.

Something Rediscovered: Exposed Blush x Tarte. In my opinion the best blush ever. It's a nude-pink that flatters my complexion like nothing else. It seems to really complement paler skin tones well but I have friends with deeper skin tones than me who can work with this colour too. I know some people think the Tarte blushers are overrated but I have no issue with them and find them really long-wearing. 

Something Unconvincing: I know one of the key things the beauty world obsesses over is solving a problem. Sometimes however I think they take things a bit too far. As is the case with these. I can't speak for the formula etc of these but I have seen them at a friend's house and they just seem unnecessary. Are women really in need of a product that essentially assumes they do not know how to apply eyeshadow? I also think the way the colours are split would end up making things messier and maybe in a sense more difficult to blend. This is just me speculating but they seem kinda pointless. 

Something(s) Lustworthy: As previously stated, there's certainly a fair few new releases around at the moment. I'm currently getting all heart-eyed over; Pillow Talk lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury. I love me a good nude and Charlotte's Matte Revolution lipsticks are one of my favourite formulas. Seriously they are so comfortable and long lasting for a matte it's kind of ridiculous, in a good way. Cloud Paint by Glossier. I'm definitely not the hugest cream blush advocate, I find them difficult to work with and oftentimes unflattering but Dusk looks absolutely exquisite. It also seems like this product leaves you a bit more time to work with it which I love as well. Now for something a bit more local, Loose Eyeshadow x Nude by Nature. Annoyingly I can't remember which of these colours I liked and this is by no means an essential, but they are cheaper than some similar products on the market and seemed pretty impressive on swatching. Don't be intimidated by the fact they're not a pressed shadow. I found on swatching that they didn't make too much of a mess and wouldn't be too difficult to work with on the lids. Lastly, less of something I'm lusting over but more a PSA. Oskia's beloved Renaissance Cleanser is now available in a larger size. Now they just need to release a mini for traveling and we'll all be set. 

-What are your current beauty go-to's?

*PR Sample

**Semi fake news/clickbait lol. 

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