June Favourites

June has vanished just like that and it's been an..interesting month for lack of a better word. Today though, it's time to talk about what I loved in June because there were a few products and miscellaneous bits 'n pieces that definitely did stand out. 

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer: NARS' Radiant Creamy Concealer is my go-to and I've been through countless tubes of it now. I love the stuff. Lately when I've had a bit more time on my hands for makeup or want to quickly touch up with concealer, it's this I've been reaching for. I have the shade Creme Brulee, the third lightest and find it the perfect match. It's pretty heavy duty without being too thick so I like it for blemish concealing and also for redness. My favourite way to apply it is with the detailer brush x Real Techniques for pinpoint concealing a la Lisa Eldridge. I highly rate the NARS concealers if you're after a newbie.

The People vs OJ Simpson: Everyone is probably over hearing me wax lyrical on this show now. I think this is possibly the third post it's made its way into this month now, whoops. Having been way too young to remember the OJ Simpson trial the first time around, I found this so fascinating. It was particularly telling of the way media world, celebrity culture and the like were headed. The way in which Marcia Clark, played by Sarah Paulson was depicted by the media and treated despite being the head prosecutor was quite disgusting for lack of a better word. The comments made to her by the judge and members of the defense were unbelievable and as Paulson put it, wouldn't have been made to a male lawyer. The way it looks at sexism and the way media and the court of law in this case can skew perceptions really appealed to me. Such a brilliant show.

Balm Dotcom x Glossier: The hype with this one is real. Right on cue my lips have turned to their reliable, mosaic-y selves now it's Winter. Tried to make that description as non-graphic as possible for you all. This though is a saving grace. I have the Coconut Balm Dotcom which smells delightful, although it definitely gives me a caramel popcorn vibe which doesn't really matter because I like it. It's a multi-use product so while many people probably use it as a lip balm, I also love to apply it on my eyelids. Glossy lids without the tacky texture? Yes please. I've also been using it where I have dryness on my hands and around my fingers as well. If you make an order from Glossier you need to get yourself one of these too. Oh and a quick PSA, this is how I shop Glossier.

Antipodes Moisture Boost Natural Lipstick* in Queenstown Hot Chocolate: Antipodes has been a staple of my skincare routine in the past but at the moment it's their lipsticks I am particularly taken by. This shade has been my most-used, aptly named Queenstown Hot Chocolate for it's brown based, dusky pink properties. The satiny formula is so comfortable to wear on the lips and it's the kind of colour that will stick around. I also love the shade South Pacific Coral if you're after something a bit more vibrant.

British Vogue, April 2017: So I've been reading my issues of British Vogue out of order for reasons unknown. Anyway, I read the April issue this month and loved some of the articles so I wanted to mention them here. The cover story with Kate Moss about her modeling agency was particularly insightful and I loved hearing what she had to say about taking a more behind the scenes role. There was also a particularly brilliant one called Single Minded by Bella Mackie. It looked at why not having a partner in your thirties isn't necessarily a sign of inadequacy and I just loved the positivity it shined on the perks of flying solo. I love British Vogue though and highly rate it if you want a brilliant fashion magazine, combining journalism with editorial and arts+culture.

Journalling: In the last few weeks I've been putting pen to paper again and just writing down my thoughts and musings. It's so therapeutic but also it's a nice little sentimental thing to look back on. I'm particularly loving using my Muji notebook to write down five good things from each day. It's so easy to forget the good and the smaller details that are actually really quite rad. Highly recommend it if you want to end your day on a more positive note.

-What have you loved during June?

*PR Sample

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