July Favourites

"No post on Sundays" cries Vernon Dursley enthusiastically in Harry Potter. He obviously wasn't thinking about blogs though. The form of "post" if you will that never sleeps. July has vanished in a flourish and it's been quite the month. That aside, there's been some absolute beauty and non-beauty gems that I've loved all month long. From the cream blush that has me converted, through to a book that left me on the verge of cry-laughing. July Favourites, you rock...

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk: I'm copying this from my Instagram post so apologies if you've read it already. When it comes to cream blush, I'm the first to run in the opposite direction. It's fiddly, usually results in Clown makeup and subsequent, self-inflicted tantrums. Cloud Paint however is as dreamlike as you would expect. I use a stippling brush to apply this and it leaves the most natural, flattering tint to the cheeks. You can even use the shade Dusk to contour, which I've not tried but Arden does in her video and it looks beautiful. 

MAC Painterly Paint Pot: Why I let my makeup routine go so long without a paint pot to keep eyeshadow in place and swipe on for "can't be bothered but want to make an effort-ish" days, I do not know. They're the perfect primer/base for any colour applied over the top and dry down quickly.  One thing I will say is if you're super pale, make sure you apply a crease colour if you're wearing this on its own because it can look a tad...strange all on its lonesome. I learnt that the hard way and thankfully overpack so I could remove it with wipes. Otherwise, you cannot go wrong.

Made Earrings: These were an Instagram find, after spying them on Fiona's Instagram story. These starry earrings have been my go-to all month. They're individually made from resin and can be customised to suit you. Mine for instance hang longer because that was something I requested. The custom-order shop is closed at the moment but I am totally eyeing up some of the stars. They'd make lovely gifts too. 

Go-To Super Handy*: When it comes to hand creams, I will dabble with them and think how luxurious and lovely they are for a while. Then they'll inevitably stay in my handbag and I will only think about them occasionally, when riffling around trying to find a lip product in my bag. So it goes without saying that for a hand cream to make it into my bag daily, and then end up on my desk at work, it's left a lasting impression. I probably should have expected no less from skincare sorceress Zoe Foster Blake. It contains a host of hand-loving ingredients like cocoa butter and jojoba esters, among other things and it smells lush. Not to mention it's fast absorbing, you aren't left with greasy mitts and it protects your hands from the pitfalls of air conditioning. I even like to use it when my hands are feeling a bit knackered and paper cut by the stickering and keyboard typing I do on the regular. Go buy this tube of goodness. You won't regret it. 

Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart: Miranda's debut book was recommended to me by my cousin and I really freakin' enjoyed it. It shifted between dialogue of Miranda in the present day and her eighteen year old self interjecting which made it all the more entertaining. That and so many parts I was like "yep, can relate." See: awkward banter at the doctors. What is it about that place that brings me to unleash every single thought on the poor professionals? Honestly though if you want a book that will brighten your day, make you laugh out loud and up the feel-good factor, this is it.

Byredo 'Mojave Ghost' Eau De Parfum: If Daisy Marc Jacobs had an older, sophisticated sister, this would be it. Floral and woody with a touch of musk, it's just exquisite and I cannot get enough of it. Byredo's fragrances are pricey but they're all unique and you can tell a lot of thought and love has gone into their creation. If you want to read more odes to this edp, head here.

Headspace: I'm sure many of you have heard of this app. It's designed to be a guided meditation tool that is simple and well laid out. You go through basic, usually ten minute exercises through to more advanced techniques and can follow courses tailored to more specific needs. For instance there's some on self esteem and anxiety. If you're motivated by being able to visually see how you're doing, each day it shows you how many minutes you've meditated in total. I've been a bit inconsistent the last couple of weeks with it but I do notice such a difference to my days and overall mindset when I have set aside time to do it. 

-What were your July Favourites?
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