September Beauty Mail

It seems you all are just as curious as I am about other people's mail. In a non-stalkerish way of course. I asked over on Instagram stories, love that new poll feature, which beauty post you wanted to see first this week and here we have it. Admittedly, these are all products I have been generously sent but just a quick disclaimer. I do not feature everything I am sent. That goes for books and the likes too. I only feature what I genuinely like and/or think y'all will like and want to hear about too. Anyway, on with the beauty mail...

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream*, limited edition in collaboration with Autism Speaks-I love when brands get behind great causes like the above. Props to you Kiehl's. Ultra Facial Cream is one of their bestsellers and I believe it was initially designed for climbers in arctic conditions. It's incredibly rich and hydrating, perfect for dry skin or skin that's just a bit starved of moisture. 

YSL After Hours Foundation*-Admittedly I wish this foundation wasn't quite so expensive but that qualm aside, this is a good'un. I can't usually get away with wearing bases without primers but this one I can. The coverage is on the fuller side of things, you can easily skip concealer if you want to. It doesn't feel thick though which I like. Oily skinned gals, this lasts a good 4/5 hours without powder which in my books is pretty impressive. It may be luxe but it's worth it in my opinion.

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara*-Firstly, love the name which aptly ties in with the bigger mascara wand. This mascara means business and delivers volume and length without too much effort. By that I mean you don't have to spend ages building it up, a good one or two coats will do the trick. I can't vouch for its smudge proof properties. Most mascaras tend to not smudge around my eyes anyway but on me it definitely stays put. This might just be my new favourite Lancome mascara, and they do mascaras well so that is saying something. 

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito*-Two of my cocktail inspired favourites are back at The Body Shop. Pinita Colada fans, get excited too. Can I get an amen. This Virgin Mojito range is my favourite though. Just as appealing as one of my favourite drinks, albeit the alcoholic offering. The mint gives it a freshness which is super uplifting in the mornings. That and anything that smells good enough to drink usually gets a tick of approval from me. In seriousness, the scrub gelee is all kinds of luxe and I recommend grabbing it to take up residence in your shower.

Goldea* x Bvlgari-Side note: I always want to add a u in here, yet Bvlgari is far from vulgar. Anyway, this new fragrance gives me nostalgic, seventies vibes. I don't know, I just have this vision of Susan Sarandon or Stevie Nicks spritzing this and then stepping out in some aviator shades, looking effortlessly undone. Goldea is a delightful blend of floral with a hint of musk. It's not one for the fragrance-shy but that's what I like about it. I feel like this is the fragrance you'd wear to cocktail night or a glamorous occasion. I invent stories to go with fragrances now apparently. Seriously though, go give it a spritz and enjoy.

-What beauty bits have you been trying recently?

*PR Sample

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