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October is out to party and as I seem to say on a near daily basis, channeling Lauren Graham's Old Lady Jackson persona, if you've not read this then do it, where has 2017 gone!? Maybe it's just because a lot has changed in my life this year so it feels all the more fast paced. I don't know. Anyway, the start of the month, albeit four days in means it's time to share five random but brilliant things with you including an Instagram challenge, a show, a podcast and two other things you'll need to keep reading to discover. I'm a rival for Kris Jenner's level of hype-building obviously.

Au Revoir Treat Yo'Self Mindset: I need to come up with a much better hashtag than #notreatyoselftober because that's too much of a mouthful. Anyway, in case you missed my Instagram, inspired by Daisy Buchanan I am having a month of thoughtful spending. By that I mean sticking to the essentials like food+drink, appointments, petrol and other admittedly dull expenses. It means for me foregoing things like makeup launches (boo, hiss), magazines (extra long boo, hiss), books, clothes and just things I might want but perhaps don't exactly need. My reward if I am successful is some Zoe and Morgan earrings which I can't link because their site is down but will asap. The lovely Liv is doing this too, albeit avoiding clothes shopping and Britney is using what she saves towards paying off expenses. I am also keeping a diary too so I'll share excerpts next month, all going to plan.

Gaga: Five Foot Two-Netflix has gifted us another gem in the form of this documentary following Lady Gaga in 2016 and the lead up to the release of her latest album, Joanne. It is extremely candid and at times difficult to watch. Maybe because I have been such a fan of hers pretty much consistently for ages I found it really hard seeing her guilt over chronic pain and struggles with loneliness. Even if you aren't a fan, I recommend you watch this. It's beautifully filmed and put together. PS-If you are as much of a Florence Welch fangirl as I am, she features and it is adorable.

Leader of the Lip Stylos: Hourglass often wins over my makeup loving heart with their dreamy powders. Lately though their lipsticks have been singing out to me and I recently grabbed one of their lip stylos in the shade Leader and I am smitten with it. Described as a vivid fuschia, it's punchy, it's vibrant and it's just beauteous. I wore it yesterday at work and didn't touch it up deliberately so I could see how it lasted. It wore away well, fading eventually to a more natural stain without looking patchy. It was also incredibly comfortable to wear and easy to apply. If you want to keep things extra neat I'd suggest using a lipliner first but it's not essential. 

Matilda, The Musical-I always will have a soft spot for Matilda x Roald Dahl in all its forms; book, film and more recently musical. Well in August it arrived in Auckland and I finally got to see it again last month in my home city. Just as mesmerising, brilliant and wonderful as ever. It's only here for another three weeks and I seriously suggest you make it a priority if you've not been. It does not disappoint. 

Desert Island Discs: I have Liv to once again thank for bringing this archival podcast to my attention. My goodness it's good. Even though the full songs selected by the figures profiled can't be played back, the interviews more than make up for it. I've lost track of all the episodes I've listened to now, I find them great to throw on at work. Standout ones include; Joanna Lumley, Emma Thompson, Stella McCartney, Caitlin Moran. The archives are extensive so I'll be sure to share more of my recommendations as I come to them.

-What's on your radar this October?

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