The Bookdate, Volume Six

It feels like ages since I've devoted time exclusively to books, although that being said I managed to finish one of these books which was close to five hundred pages in about a week. We're certainly going to be spoilt for choice very soon with new releases, as booksellers rush to load their shelves with fresh ideas and pages for the holiday season. Today, as with all the other bookdate posts I'm waxing lyrical on books I've read recently, some extra literary things and what's currently atop my wishlist. Enjoy...

Recently Read: / What Happened x Hillary Rodham Clinton. First things first, I've seen a lot of people reading this book, ladies and gents which pleases me no end. That aside, I was really keen to get into what was dubbed Hillary's most candid memoir yet. She's published two previously, one of which I have and need to get to asap. As the title would suggest, this book chronicles the leadup and aftermath of that election. It is at times bleak reading, as is to be expected but it is also full of hope and positivity. Hillary is one amazing woman and I highly recommend giving this a read.  / Paris x Megan Hess. I've long been a fan of Megan's illustrations, ever since spying them in the pages of Fashion Quarterly magazine way back when. Despite that, I actually owned none of her books and only gifted them to friends, until now. Her book on Paris is just exquisite; broken down into places to see, shop and eat. This is a book you'll want to display proudly on your coffee table or in a guest room. It's far too beautiful to be hiding away on a shelf.  / How To Be A  Grown Up x Daisy Buchanan. It's taken me a while to read this for the key reason that I am a serial reader. I wish I'd not left it so long though. Buchanan's book is an essential for every twenty-something. It's full of wisdom, humour and is like reading something from a non-condescending best friend or older sister. I'm about to lend my copy to Britney but I am also considering it for people's Christmas gifts this year too.  / The Secret History x Donna Tartt. Now this is a re-read for me, although really it may as well be a first-time read because it turns out I'm remembering little of it. To be fair, I did read it three years ago. The Secret History is Tartt's debut novel and it is intoxicating and breathtaking all in one go. Her writing is decadent for lack of a better word. Just read it. It's hard to do Tartt justice if you've not experienced it yourself. 

Pages of Note: Childhood and teenaged Sophie would be horrified at the fact I now take to regularly underlining and post-it noting passages in my books. I mean, I did that in school but it served a different purpose then. Anyway, lately I have taken to doing this more frequently and then when I've finished a book going back to the sections I loved. One thing I've noticed is particularly vivid descriptions get an underline from me. For instance, the way in which Donna Tartt writes about clothing in The Secret History is particularly powerful so I've underlined a lot of that. I also end up writing some of these out in my diaries too. I dunno, this is just a random thing I do and enjoy. 

The Wishlist: *Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-illustrated edition x JK Rowling. As my favourite book in the Harry Potter series, I was always going to be lusting after this one. I had a chance to flick through this yesterday with a friend and we were both gazing heart-eyed at it. Pssst, Santa if you are reading. This 9 25 year old would not say no to this.  *#girlgaze x Amanda De Cadenet. The #girlgaze tag and project are one of my favourites on Instagram. Established to celebrate female artists and photographers. It's supported by the likes of Amanda De Cadenet, Sam Taylor Johnson and other inspiring women. This new book is a showcase of some of that talent so therefore it'll be a visual love fest. Another for the Christmas wishlist. *The Catcher In The Rye x JD Salinger. I've read an incredibly slim list of classic literature. A fact I'm not proud of. This book and Franny & Zooey have captured my attention for the longest time but I am yet to read either of them. I figure starting with the most renowned is the best way to go.  *Untitled poetry collection x Indy Yellich O'Connor. I don't have a link for this one as it's yet to be released or up for preorder. If you follow Indy on Instagram  or any of her platforms, you will know she is quite the wordsmith. I'm really excited to see her first published work. Once I know more about it I'll share links etc on Instagram. 

Totes Y'All: The Nook and Burrow ladies sell some freakin' awesome wares but this tote at the moment might just take the cake. The sentiments; coffee, cats, books and feminism are all extremely relatable and any books, magazines, or an abundance of notebooks (if you are me) would be well housed in this canvas fabric home. 

-What have you been reading lately?

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