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I feel like I'm never going to be one of those people with one signature scent. The idea of a fragrance wardrobe, being personally tailored to moods and occasions is much more appealing. With that in mind, today I thought I'd share my four fragrance loves. Many of these are permanently in rotation but come Winter, I will probably be switching them out for spritzes with a bit more oomph. This is why I am not a fragrance copywriter. Anyway, four scents I am rather smitten, or perhaps that should be spritzin'** with at the moment...

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: Probably the key mainstay or closest thing to a signature scent I will ever have. I'm not going to attempt to describe this one. It's such an iconic, distinct fragrance that I'm sure many of you will recognise it anyway. I prefer it to Chanel No. 5, a scent that seems polarising and I for one find it too...powdery if that makes sense. Anyway, I love this perfume so much. It's the MVP of my collection. 

Miu Miu L'eau Rosee*: The newest addition to my fragrance lineup. I love all the Miu Miu parfums. They each bring something different to the table and this newest variant with a floral twist is heaven. It's on the lighter side but I quite like that for day to day. It reminds me of my favourite candle as well which is never a bad thing. NZ friends, you can nab this from select department stores and I believe the Duty Free halls if you're jetting off somewhere fancy. Side note: Wouldn't mind a spot of jetsetting right now. 

Byredo Mojave Ghost: The most luxe offering here and another of my ride or dies. I always describe this as a more sophisticated, adultier version of MJ Daisy. It's inspired by the desert flower of the same name and for some reason that's now giving me Stevie Nicks vibes. I don't know, just run with this analogy people. If you read the notes, combining anything from amber to sandalwood, you'll see it's a bit of an all-rounder. Byredo's fragrances are all incredibly unique and really bring something special so I would highly recommend you go have a spritz of them. Just be warned, it's hard not to find one that'll win you over. 

KENZO World*: I'm kinda obsessed with eye motifs, ever since I was given a greek evil eye bracelet, which has since broken, scattering eye beads everywhere. Anyway, this is the original World fragrance x KENZO. There's two new (ish) variants out now as well. Combining notes of peony and jasmine, this one is floral yet also fresh at the same time. It's not like those powdery, Avon-esque florals if that makes any sense. I'd say this fragrance would be the perfect one to gift, or one of the variants if you know the recipient a bit better. Who can resist that packaging as well? Swoon. 

-What fragrance do you use and like?

*PR Sample

**Bad puns, I'm sorry. 

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