Podcasts I Heard+Liked #1

Podcasts are my jam. I cannot live without them these days and find they're the perfect accompaniment when I'm at my desk working. Today we have four podcasts+some radio programs you should have a listen to. They're all ones I've loved and enjoyed lately and will keep listening to. Enjoy...

Stephen Fry x The Happy Place: This podcast comes at the recommendation of Emma, thanks Em! A podcast discussing mental health as well as generally fantastic yarns between Fearne Cotton and her guests. She's also interviewed Alexandra Shulman, formerly of British Vogue among others but her conversation with Stephen Fry stands out. Frick he's an amazing man and conversationalist. Get Fry on every podcast. All of them. 

Anne Marie Duff x Desert Island Discs: I bloomin' love Desert Island Discs. I've listened to some of the episodes more than once and have a lengthy list of archival episodes to listen to. A favourite, just for the sheer fascination alone is the Princess Margaret episode from the 1980's (questionable music taste, entertaining interview). Anyway, one of Kirsty Young's latest castaways was Anne Marie Duff, an amazing actress of both stage and screen. I think she's usually a bit press-shy so it was really fascinating listening to her talk about theatre and her schooling+background, as well as her songs she chose+why. Also, love the mix of music she selected as well. So good. 

The High Low: Hosted by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. My current favourite podcast and one I am probably going to make my way through the archives for. It's very topical and usually centres on a wide range of things per episode. You're never bored listening to this refreshingly raw and always hilarious podcast. Dolly and Pandora could yarn for hours and I would not tire of it. 

Emma Freud + Vanessa Kirby x Love Stories: Another podcast hosted by Dolly Alderton, this time in celebration of her book. It's not all lovey dovey and nauseating romance chat, which is what I feared it might be. I'm really not sure how to best describe this podcast but it's really interesting and I loved hearing Emma and Vanessa speak on the subject of lurve. Side note: Emma Freud also needs to be on every podcast. All of them. 

God Only Knows x Soul Music: I'm not sure if this is a podcast or not, I just listen to it on the BBC's website. This. Episode. Though. I don't have a particularly memorable relationship with this song, other than I just love it for mostly inexplicable reasons. Okay because it plays during this scene at the end of Love Actually and it makes me all emotional and happy and argh. Anyway, Soul Music interviews people from all walks of life, sharing their memories and associations with particular songs. This episode focuses on The Beach Boys classic and it is a ride from start to finish. Yes, I did have to disappear quick smart to the stairwell to have a lil' moment after hearing the story of the woman whose husband never came home. I need to look at some of the other songs they've covered actually.

-What podcasts do you listen to and rate?

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