Five Things: July

July-where DO the months go!? As I write this...birthday month is fast approaching which kinda scares me. I'm easily scared let's be honest. What I am not scared of though are these five things for July; a bit of eye product love, mini bookclubs, podcasts and books. All the good stuff...

In The Bathroom With Caitlin Moran: This totally made my Saturday evening-part one of a two part video with Caitlin and Sali. Bad language, banter and a smattering of skincare. I believe part two goes into the makeup side of things and I am eagerly anticipating it. They also discuss Caitlin's newest book, How To Be Famous which I am hoping to read very soon. It's a good time basically.

Mini Book Clubs: So I read a lot and that's great but sometimes you just want to share the bookish banter around a bit y'know? Anyway, towards the end of last month I persuaded one of my friends to read more books with me and thus, a two-person book club was formed. At the moment they are reading Sing Unburied Sing. I am reading Ponti and I also threw The Goldfinch at them. Not literally, that book is hefty. We both have similar tastes when it comes to books but like different writing styles so I'm sure we will have some interesting banter when it comes to things too. I'm really looking forward to the reading and chatting. 

Eye Revival: Dark circles are the bane of my existence. If I'm not wearing under-eye concealer, nine times out of ten I will be told I look tired. I grabbed these patches a few months back after having them used on me at a Mecca Beauty Loop makeover session and I love them. I use them sparingly and would only buy the mini pack with the sachets because I hear they dry out in the larger jar. These gels are soaked in caffeine and collagen so y'know, ingredients to brighten up those pesky under-eye areas. They're also a treat to use. 

Unpopped Podcast: My latest Podcast discovery c/o Dolly and Pandora over at The High Low. Pop culture discussions with a smattering of critique. I loved the episodes about Bridget Jones and The Spice Girls when they were interviewed by Kathy Acker. There's a heap in the archives though and I cannot wait to get listening to the rest. I highly recommend this one if you want something to listen and unwind with. 

Notes On A Nervous Planet x Matt Haig: I read Reasons To Stay Alive, also by Matt Haig a couple of years ago now and it's such an important book. Difficult to read at times, sure but so, so important. Anyway, his new book has recently been released and if the previews he's posted on Instagram are anything to go by, it's going to be a blimmin' good one. Packed with wisdom and insight. If you haven't yet read Reasons To Stay Alive I highly recommend acquiring a copy. 

-What's on your radar this July?

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