My Top Five Books of 2018 So Far

Somehow we are over halfway through 2018 which is never not going to be crazy to me. That means half the year of reading is done too. Whaaaat. So far, according to Goodreads, I've read 36/37 books (give or take) which isn't a bad effort for me. Obviously if I wasn't chronic for drifting in and out of books all the time, this number would undoubtedly be higher. Old habits die hard or something though. Anyway, top five reads of 2018 (for now)...Side note: This is not in any sort of order, I can't rank them-that'd just be too much of an overly complicated move for me.

how to be both x ali smith: I still think about this unique and brilliant novel, inspired by fresco painting. Ali Smith's writing really is an artform in itself. The way in which she writes topical yet timeless fiction is so cleverly done. I might end up stickering pages with post-its that only say #yasssali in admiration because eloquence escapes me but I underline and write out passages left, right and centre. Anyway, go read this book and soak up its amazingness. It is worth the patience. 

the cost of living x deborah levy: This was my first encounter with Levy's work and it did not disappoint in the slightest. Fantastic writings on life, loss, heartbreak, getting on with it, sheds for writing retreats and friendships that span generations. I'll definitely be revisiting this at some stage and feel like it's going to be one of those books that the older I get, the more relatable it will become. 

call me by your name x andre aciman: Another novel I often find myself thinking about because of Aciman's writing. Candid yet refined. An intimate insight into first loves, the cornucopia of experiences that make up adolescence and beauty in the simplicities like reading a book amidst summer fruits. Absolutely exquisite book. Give the film a watch as well and the soundtrack a listen. All three do not disappoint. 

secrets for the mad x dodie clark, not pictured: Y'know when books just seem to 'find' you at the right time? Dodie's book met that criteria and then some. Filled to the brim with Dodie's honesty, wisdom, art, poetry and words-it's a truly special book. I found parts really relatable and comforting. If that makes sense-regardless, need my own copy. 

ma'am darling x craig brown: The Princess Margaret obsession is real ladies and gentlemen. If the MVP Spare (as I kinda cringe-worthily dub her in my mind and now on this here blog) were the category in a quiz I would probably ace it. That is largely in part thanks to this book. Part memoir, part story told with humour and fun. It's a book that doesn't take itself too seriously in a dry, historical+factual kind of way. Naturally there are pockets of that but Brown presents it in a more interesting and readable way. I loved this book and will again be revisiting it at some point. 

-What books have you read and liked in 2018 so far?

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