Five Things: September

So I got to the middle of last week and was scribbling out blog ideas and things I want to write when I realised, two weeks into September and I'd not yet compiled my five things of note for the month. Mercury reentered retrograde, Spring blooms suddenly vanished. I one hundred percent felt like any sense of togetherness had left the building. Ok, heavy sarcasm aside, these posts are among my favourite to compile and put together. The fact I forgot probably says more about how my focus has been elsewhere I guess. Writing in general has fallen to the wayside, which really needs rectifying. Anyway, five things for September incoming...

Poukahangatas x Tayi Tibble: Honestly, the synopsis over on the Victoria University Press page linked sums up this book far better than I ever could. Pop culture, identity, culture all told through a fresh, raw and real lens. I'm not sure how I can write on this cohesively without sounding like a fangirl but I love Tayi's work. If you can get ahold of this book, you absolutely should. 

#ihavethisthingwithearrings: I've admired Emily Green's pieces from afar for a while so when I came across them in person at the beginning of the month, well, I got excited. Seriously-It took me a while to choose a pair because I wanted all of them. Anyway, I opted for these drop earrings. Photos don't do them justice. They are stunning and I'm going to get so much wear out of them in the coming months. 

Red Magazine: Shout out to Liv for bringing this brilliant magazine to my attention. The issue above is extra special actually because Liv is featured in its pages. Yay for internet pals doing awesome things. Anyway, Red is a women's lifestyle magazine but with a healthy dose of fashion, literature, inspiring women and brilliantly written articles. You all know I'm a bit of a Dolly Alderton fangirl. Well, she is one of their monthly columnists. I love that they seem to feature a hefty dose of books each month too, rather than the odd scattered paragraph. It's a lovely lil' all-rounder.

Feminists Don't Wear Pink / Podcast: I've been lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of the book, accompanying this podcast and it's brilliant. I'm not here to talk about the book today though. Scarlett Curtis, the brainchild behind Feminists Don't Wear Pink set her first podcast episode live earlier in the week. It's a brilliant banter-fest with her best friend, who just so happens to be Saoirse Ronan. Saoirse is also the author of the debut essay in the book which is brilliant and they talk more about it here. I'm looking forward to the upcoming episodes, especially Jameela Jamil's. She is slaying the Internet at the moment. 

Sharing Without Pressure: When Pandora spoke about this story on a previous episode of The High Low I immediately headed to Man Repeller to stake it out. Whilst my curiosity was premature, my anticipation was justifiable. I've been mulling over the ideas of sharing whatever the hell I fancy and not caring about who is double tapping their screen as a means of acknowledgement. Here's an extract from Pandora's piece which really speaks volumes: 

"In order to thrive, I have to subscribe to the belief that I do not owe everyone, everything...I am withholding, I am not withdrawing. Just as I am not sharing all of the bad stuff, I am also not sharing all of the good stuff. The best stuff. I don't want to curate a shiny, social-media version of my life...I also don't want to write long, broken narratives about various issues I face because I do not want to invite conversation into what I am still figuring out. It's delicate. It's fragile. It's mine."

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