September Favourites

It's that time of month again. What is this sorcery!? In seriousness, I feel incredibly out of practice with blogging and writing in general. More on the latter later in the week. Anyway, September has somewhat sneakily flown by and I've been loving a whole lineup of things. It's been a good month for music. Since downloading Apple Music to my phone a few months ago I've really got back into mixing up what I listen to. I know, Sophie joins the 21st century. I also have read a few books and loved 'em and then there's some tried and true favourites in the mix...

zoe & morgan ring, similar here: This ring holds a lot of personal meaning for me, meaning which I'll leave in a corner of my mind. I guessperhaps it's that sentimentality I like about it more than anything. I do really love the design though-stars and moons feature in a few of my favourite pendants and earrings already. Unfortunately you cannot get this exact design anymore as it was part of an end-of-season sale but I highly recommend you check out Zoe and Morgan's extensive range. 

dodie clark: So I've been listening to a lotta music all month but the one artist I keep coming back to is Dodie. Her music is confessional, relatable and gives me Zooey Deschanel of She & Him vibes. I'm terrible at describing music I'm sorry. It's catchy and brilliant and I'm a Dodie fangirl anyways but I recommend you give her a listen. I love Human and Secret For The Mad atm. 

my year of rest and relaxation x ottessa moshfegh: Given I've been thinking about this book all week since finishing it and asking myself what my own personal year of rest+relaxation would look like, I'd say this left an impression. What a book. The main character is incredibly unlikeable yet I found myself understanding why she did what she did. She largely withdraws from New York city life and instead escapes c/o prescription drugs, watching a lot of Whoopi Goldberg and Harrison Ford films, surfacing for the occasional shopping spree. Her and her best friend Reva act as mirror-images of one another. Seeing what they want to see in themselves and in turn each other-bringing out their best and worst sides. It explores topics of escapism, addiction, celebrity worship and of course the questioning of identity that seems to go hand in hand with twenty-something life. It's darkly funny and brilliantly written. 

colourpop palette, similar here: I won't say too much about this palette because it's no longer available but I take it away with me all the time, including my recent travels to Melbourne and it is so useful. I don't know how I used to have one of those 15-pan MAC palettes because honestly I can get away with six shadows like this, maybe a couple of cream ones and be done. Anyway, Colourpop's eyeshadows are cheap as chips, deliver on the pigment stakes and are just bloomin' lovely. I can't fault 'em. 

anais anais x cacharel: I recently bought a bottle of this for my friend when I was on holiday and I decided to get myself one too. One because I'm a copycat and two because I wanted a small perfume to throw in my bag. I feel like smaller perfumes are harder to come by/really expensive here in NZ. Anais Anais is a classic and according to Pretty Iconic, it was to teens of the eighties what Daisy Marc Jacobs was to my generation. Its scent is floral and has base notes of amber and sandalwood. I think I like it though because it reminds me of Glow x jLO which was one of my first perfumes and pre-teen me used to spritz that around on special occasions. Side note; how great is Chemist Warehouse? Cheap fragrances and Bioderma. Yes ploise. 

expert concealer brush x real techniques: If Priceline is anything to go by, Australia love themselves a bit of Real Techniques. Seriously, I have never seen so many of their brushes in one place. When I was over they were on special so I nabbed the concealer brush. With Real Techniques brushes you are guaranteed brushes that will do the job and then some-you could use this with cream eyeshadows too if you really wanted. It makes blending concealer an absolute dream though and I love that. 

bone x yrsa daley-ward: Another book, this time poetry. A purchase enabled by the one and only Tara. Also indirectly enabled by Florence Welch who selected it for Between Two Books back in the day. I've not read anything quite like it. Poetry and storytelling that feels so truthful and in turn powerful. I deliberately drew out the process of reading this book because I wanted to make the experience last but I know it's one I will be going back to and annotating to oblivion. Daley-Ward's memoir is unsurprisingly at the top of my wishlist right now. 

-what have you loved during september?

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