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Well, well. I knew I'd no doubt traipse the well-shelved bookstores of Melbourne* and leave with a few treasures. I don't know what it is about Melbourne but they have some well curated bookstores and each seem to bring different things to the metaphorical table. I did a poll on my Instagram stories and people seemed rather curious to know what books I came home with on my travels so here you go. I've actually already read 2/6 because they're all on the shorter side of things so you'll get a couple of mini reviews too. Aren't you #blessed? Anyway, books...

transit x rachel cusk: I've been reading Outline, the first in Cusk's trilogy and love the conversational style and the way dialogue pushes the story forward. It is written in a beautiful, fluid way as well so when I saw Cusk's books on a table at the Melbourne Writers Fest I had to whisk book two away. It'd be rude not to. 

300 arguments x sarah manguso: One of the indie bookstores I discovered on this trip was Hill of Content. Upstairs they had an amazing essay selection and it was here that I stumbled upon Sarah Manguso. 300 Arguments isn't really your typical essay collection but rather a steady stream of consciousness. It jumped off the shelves to me because I've toyed with the idea of writing like this and wanted to see how it reads, quite literally. I loved it. If you don't like books that challenge the formulaic structure of writing then it won't be for you. It's short and sweet but reflective too and I love that it puts a new twist on the traditional essay.

bone x yrsa daley-ward: A book I have wanted to own for the longest time and it does not disappoint. In fact, this may well be one of my new favourite poetry volumes. The fact Florence Welch sung its praises obviously helped but seriously, her writing is beautiful and refreshing. I really want to read her memoir, the terrible asap.

she must be mad x charly cox: Another book of poetry, this came highly recommended to me by the lovely Sandrine and she has top notch recommendations. That and I heard an amazing episode of Emma Gannon's podcast with Charly and it enticed me further. I'm saving this to read because honestly I am in and out of enough book as is right now. 

mayhem: a memoir x sigrid rausing: This has been on my wishlist for an age now and I got it so I can finally read it. That and I want to pass it on to one of my friends when I am done so we can discuss it further. I know this isn't going to be an easy read but in my opinion, difficult books can often be the most rewarding. 

on doubt x leigh sales: Another essay, this time a look at doubt and the media and journalism. It also considers Australian and US poliics among other things. I'm not selling this book well but the premise really grabbed me and I am enjoying it so far.

-what books have you grabbed lately?

*Oh yeah, PSA-In case Instagram didn't make it clear enough-I spent six days in Melbourne at the end of August+beginning of September and it was amazing, I had such a good time, solo trips w/ a smattering of company are the best and I am a huge advocate for traveling alone and just running with it.

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