What I Love Weekly #43

1. She was a day tripper. My cousin & I caught a very early train to Wellington, Starbucks saved us in case you were wondering. It was such a fantastic day & we had such a good time wandering the city, taking plenty of pictures, eating glorious food & shopping.

2. The Academy Awards! It was so exciting to see Adele & Anne Hathaway win Oscars in particular but more so to see some of the stunning gowns the starlets chose to wear. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will have seen that my favourite was Amanda Seyfried's Alexander McQueen dress. I also loved Naomi Watts in Armani Prive as well.

3. Passion for Paper in Parnell is basically paper heaven! They have the most gorgeous selection of cards I've seen in one place ever & beautiful paper. If you haven't been before it is well worth a visit.

4. Karen Walker's latest range of eyewear is out now & it is rather amazing! I tried on some of the frames this week & subsequently fell in love with one pair in particular. Penny saving begins now.

Aren't these amazing??

5. "You can be gorgeous at 20, charming at 40 & irresistible for the rest of your life." -Coco Chanel

6. Film photography & all the gorgeous colours it creates. I also love the imperfections that come with film photography as well. Those effects are something you just can't achieve with digital photography. Film is very underrated. 

7. Taking a pile of blankets, books, movies & music outside & spending time in a tent. I've never camped in my life & haven't set foot in a tent for at least ten years. It was such a nice way to unwind when I was feeling under the weather last week.

8. Britney has started a new series on her blog each month of her Favourite Things. I love these kinds of posts & if you do too then you should definitely go have a read of it.

9. Carrie Tuesdays are the best. It's when new episodes of The Carrie Diaries have aired in the States & are then available to view online. I've loved watching this series during the holidays.

10. Colleen of Dear Colleen's Ryan Gosling teatowel was given to Ryan Gosling recently & a video of his reaction was captured. It is rather hilarious & all kinds of awesome. Check it out here. Those teatowels are going to sell like hotcakes from now on.

 I hope your weekends are super! Today I am having a blogging day with Britney so the layout will be a bit different later on. Other than that I'm going to a 21st & just enjoying my last few days of freedom before University starts again. Speaking of, I won't be posting as frequently during semester time but I'll still try to keep my blogging consistent. xo

Things you may have missed:

-Quotacious Quotes *The last ever! I will be launching a new feature on the blog next month.

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