The Week #94

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *The beautiful new Hourglass blushes, post coming Monday. *An afternoon with the new Frankie magazine and the prettiest Valentine I ever did see from this lovely lady. *The results of my cupcake decorating class. Surprisingly it wasn't too much of a fail-just don't ask me about my piping skills or lack thereof. *Blog Photography Tips and Tricks. *Mail from Feel Unique-mail day is always a good day. *Fashion 'grammers that have me reaching for the heart button.

Must-Watch of the Week: Brush Cleaning 101 care of Nic from Pixiwoo. When one of my friends was quizzed recently on how they clean their brushes their response was holding it under running water and leaving it to dry. My horrified face said it all really. If you've ever been unsure about how to clean your makeup brushes and how to let them dry properly then you definitely need to watch this video. Side note: Does anyone own/use the Mac brush cleaner? Is it worth the splurge?

Product of the Week: I'm not much of a lipgloss person but since the Tanya Burr lip gloss in Afternoon Tea arrived I've been wearing little else on my lips. Heck-I've even been putting it on when I'm just around the house. There is a post coming up on this little gem but here's what I love about it in a nutshell: lightweight, pigmented colour that is not sticky and is actually pretty darn long lasting. Aurora, the shade my giveaway winner is getting, and Picnic in the Park are tempting me also.

Must-Read of the Week: Anna's promise of a story about her tales with Mac lipsticks had me hooked this week. From the concealer lip nudes to the statement reds, a lot of ground is covered! I felt better to know I was not the only one who made the mistake of buying Creme D'Nude which is long gone from my collection. My 16 year-old self didn't believe in swatching or trying on anything. The result? Lips that look like they've been rubbed in a heavy layer of concealer. Cringe. She also mentions the collaboration with Liberty which has to have been the prettiest Mac packaging I ever did see. Lipstick junkies, go have a read.

Added to the Wishlist: Last week I had a good old swatch and swoon session over the aforementioned Hourglass blushes. Definitely go have a look at them in person because the photos online do not do them justice. Anyway, the shades Ethereal Glow and Diffused Heat had me writing down their names in the wishlist section of my phone. The former is a cool pink, best worn on lighter complexions. Diffused Heat is a vibrant poppy that seems to be the standout shade. I ended up picking up Mood Exposure but those other shades were just as tempting. Lock up your cards..

*Have an amazing Friday and weekend everyone-more so if this is your last weekend before University starts on Monday. This week seems to have gone ridiculously fast so hopefully the first week back does as well. Today I am just dashing between appointments before coming home for a movie night and Saturday I'm going to the Bruce Springsteen concert which will be brilliant no doubt. My posting schedule will probably be a bit iffy for the next month or so but I'll try to keep it fairly consistent x


  1. I own the mac cleaner. It is worth the $23 it costs to buy. I *was* putting it straight onto a paper towel and rubbing my brushes on it, but I've now tried it in a glass (wine glass def best as narrow at the bottom, so get more depth with less product) and I'm sold. If you want to try some, sing out. I can siphon off a little bit for you!

  2. That's good to know and it's affordable too! Maybe I'll have to look in to picking some up. x