February Wishlist

We probably all have a list of things we need to buy. Lately for me that's been skincare (side note: why does everything run out at the same time?) and new running shoes. However it's always fun to make another list of the things you'd like to buy if money were no obstacle. I even have a board on Pinterest devoted to the very concept. Well, here's what's taking my fancy in February..

Zara Suede Combination Citybag-Zara's citybags have been on my wishlist for a while. If you know me you'll know I never carry big enough bags and this one is the perfect size from what I have heard and seen. I could only find them in garish colours when I was in Melbourne *sheds tear*. I love the combination of suede and leather in this style, it just adds a little bit more character to this bag. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes, pictured are Blissful and Exposed-My new favourite term is the 'blogger effect' wherein a blogger raves about a product (any product) and you feel compelled to try it yourself. The Essie Button effect is certainly at play here with my desire to own Tarte blushes. These blushes are highly pigmented and evidently super long-wearing. I like that the shade range is mostly matte as well. These colours in particular look so pretty. PS-Tarte, you should set up shop in Auckland xo.

Topshop Nina Mid Heels-Sequined, sky high heels sure are fun to look at but not so much to walk in. These simple, elegant heels look stunning. I love that they have a mid-length heel as well so you don't have to walk cautiously in them. Wins all round.

Ted Baker Medium Wash Bag-If you've ever been to a Ted Baker store you'll know that they have gorgeous bags, shoes, and dresses-girly heaven basically. These makeup bags are what take my fancy though and they are stunners in person. The ones with the rose gold hardware are particularly luxe. They're silk lined too. Who wouldn't feel special taking this traveling or rifling through it in the morning?

Ikea Skurar Plant Pot-Plant pots and candle holders are often fashioned into makeup brush holders, much to their designer's distaste I am sure. You've got to admit these Ikea plant pots are far too pretty for just plants though. These would look lovely on your dresser or makeup table. For those of us in Ikea-less New Zealand, I have seen similar pen holders to these at Whitcoulls. Try Bed, Bath and Table as well because they have some great candle votives.

Lonely Hearts Sabel Cut Out Bra-There is something about pretty lingerie that just gets me. I particularly love Lonely lingerie pieces as they're all so girly yet sophisticated. This cutout design is not something you typically see either. Love.

Nutella Recipe Book-#fact I love Nutella although it never holds a place in my pantry very long. Let's face it, Nutella jars and spoons are both a delicious and deadly combination. This Nutella cookbook sounds a dream in other words. Need I say more...

ASOS Mini Shift Dress-A couple of years ago I remember seeing a designer dress similar to this somewhere and it was well above the $400 mark. Needless to say when I saw this on Anna's blog I clicked the link pretty quickly. This is such a steal and it'd be so easy to style. 

Lush Valentines Bath Ballistic-So I'm really not big on the Valentines Day faff. Partly because it's cheesy, partly because I think you shouldn't need an excuse, or date on the calendar to tell somebody that you love them. Anyway, I would be willing to throw those viewpoints out the window for a bath with this gorgeous bath bomb. Inside it contains paper hearts and a blend of vanilla, rose and jasmine make this one indulgent treat. 

*What's on your February lust list? A certain 15-pan eyeshadow palette perhaps? Let me know in the comments..


  1. Hey girl your blog looks great! Are you able to give me any advice on my blog? I love your blog name, I wish I could come up with something as good but I'm struggling.

    1. Hey Amber. Thanks so much! I've just tweeted you actually so will be in touch. S xo

  2. Really want that Nutella cook book, I saw it in Urban Outfitters recently and wish I'd picked it up! I also really like that plant pot, I might need to head down to Ikea soon... x


    1. The book looks amazing-especially if you're a bit of a Nutella fiend! x