5 Books To Read If You're Sad

Sadness sucks but we all experience it to some degree from time to time. Whether it's because someone's nasty comment has lingered in your mind a bit too long, or because something just genuinely lame has taken place. When I'm sad I like to find books, films or music that I can take comfort and seek some solace in. It doesn't necessarily have to be thought provoking to the highest degree. In fact, if it doesn't involve too much thinking and I'm in a bad mood then it's usually a winner. Anyway, today I thought I'd share five books I reach for when I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps. They're entertaining or bound to make me smile. If you're having a bad day, I'm sorry, bad days suck. Perhaps one of these reads will brighten your mood...

Yes Please by Amy Poehler-You'll notice a bit of a trend here. Memoirs by comedy-folk are some of my favourite to read. In fact, this whole list could have been easily comprised entirely of them. Amy Poehler's is by far my favourite though. As you'd expect, this is a hilarious, entertaining read. As well as anecdotes about Tina (Fey), SNL and of course, Parks and Rec, she shares some words of wisdom. Her "good for you, not for me" philosophy in particular is one of my favourite takeaways from this book.

Everything Is Going To Be Ok-I actually have Zoella to thank for the discovery of this book and whilst it's not one I frequently revisit, it's the sort of book that would be ideal to give to somebody else. The book that's good to let someone know you're thinking of them, in other words. It's filled with words of wisdom to remind you that just because this one day out of the year sucks, they don't all have to be that way.

Seriously...I'm Kidding by Ellen Degeneres-You can't go wrong with Ellen Degeneres, whether it's her well-stocked YouTube channel, her TV show or one of her books, like this one. Seriously, I'm Kidding came out a little while ago now but it's still just as laugh-out-loud funny as it was when I first read it. If you want something quick to flick through that will make you laugh, get this. It's worth it. I'm sure there's an audiobook version of it as well if that is more your thing.

Choupette by Patrick Mauries-There's something happiness-inducing about cats. That is the ultimate throwaway cat woman statement if ever there was one. Choupette has to be the most pampered cat on the planet but she's also one of the cutest. This book contains pictures of Karl Lagerfeld's feline muse as well as facts about her and even some details about famous cats from throughout history. If you like cats, more so stylish ones then you'll like this.

Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen, not pictured-Watch this first if you haven't seen the documentary. Again like the Choupette book, this is just one that will make you smile. The women photographed have such a zest for life and a real enthusiasm for every element of fashion and style. If the pictures of these ladies don't make you smile, I don't know what will.

-What books do you recommend for turning around a bad day?

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