Miranda May x Charlotte Tilbury

A few months ago, veryone's favourite raven haired, makeup maven and all-round beauty goddess Charlotte Tilbury announced she was bringing out a range of celebrity-inspired lipsticks. I made a mental note and filed it away in the "don't forget this launch, Sophie" portion of my mind. Myself and a fellow beauty-loving pal ordered some of the shades from C Tilbs' collection and after much deliberating I decided to get this stunner of a shade. As appealing as Super Cindy was, and still is, I have an unnecessary amount of nude lipsticks. Helena Bonham Carter's shade kinda appealed because I'm such a fan of Helena but then the colour was one I'd not wear very often. So Miranda May made its way into my collection and here's what I think...

Miranda May-This is one of Charlotte's matte lipsticks and is described as "a fresh, pinky-coral inspired by the sunsets of Malibu and Bondi Beach." In other words, it's the perfect shade for mega-babe Miranda Kerr. It's a very wearable coral, compared to others I've tried and doesn't have that blinding neon quality that some coral-hued lipsticks seem to have. It's an uber flattering colour to wear, even when I'm at my near-vampire levels of pale (currently) and I love it.

As for the lipstick itself, wow. Despite being matte it really glides onto the lips. The squared edge actually makes it incredibly easy to apply and get into all the tricky spaces without risking a Miranda Sings look. In fact, the shape of this lipstick is meant to negate the need for a lip brush which is so clever. The colour itself is long-wearing and doesn't seem to fade an awful lot. It also doesn't feel drying or start flaking and looking less than glamorous as the day progresses. Score. 

So all in all my first foray into the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick lineup is a successful one. The only thing I will say is Miranda May isn't as pigmented as I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, it is still pigmented and the lack of crazy boldness isn't necessarily a bad thing. It makes this coral a more daytime-friendly one which I love. Sometimes bold lipsticks take a bit of bravery if y'know what I'm saying? Long story short, if you're after a non-intimidating new coral lippy, this one is for you.

*Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks before? What did you think of them?

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