DIY Journaling

Being a technology-loving person means I value my offline outlets really highly. As great as screen time is, it's important to me to take time away from it all. I've spoken about my journal on the blog before but today I thought I'd talk through the tools you need to make your own visual collages+what I use. Journaling isn't something I do all the time but making this post has reminded me just how much I enjoy it. If you want to know how I put mine together, keep reading...

-A notebook of your choosing. Mine is a Moleskine that I've had for ages, back from when I could still get student discount in the art supply store. Anything sturdy with blank pages will do the trick though.

-Scissors, for cutting out all the images. If you're a bit fancier than I am, you could use a craft knife for this step.  

-Adhesive Dots or a glue stick. I've only discovered these dots this year but they're life changing. Maybe that's a bit of a grand statement but they are the best. 

-Cute tape. I love glitter so these ones appeal to me. I also love a good Washi Tape too. Tape is totally optional btw, it's not an essential to this.

-A pencil if you want to trace around images and play with their placement on your page.

-Coloured pens for writing quotes, random musings and other words you want on paper. 

-Images and pieces to stick in your book! I use a mixture of pictures I print, magazine images, random design elements that I like (clothing tags, tissue paper), Polaroids, printed tape etc etc. 

And here we have it, the finished object! Here's two very quick pages I put together for the purposes of this post. I knew I wanted to incorporate the picture of Tavi from this feature. Side note: It's an awesome interview+discussion with Grace Coddington and Tavi. Go read it. I bought in the illustrated Diptyque candle because the colours complemented the main image. The other elements, the tissue paper and glitter tape were just incorporated randomly. Sometimes there isn't necessarily a strategy or logic to my journalling. The spontaneity and seeing what I end up grouping together is what keeps it exciting, for me at least. The opposite page features an image from Yen which I love on its own but I wanted to keep the focus on the clothes, hence the Ivy Park tag. 

-Do you have a visual journal? If not, how do you unwind offline?

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