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I'm usually not one to write much about haircare. If you're a longtime reader you will know that by now. I prefer the undone, relaxed hair vibe. I also love a good side braid every now and again and whip out my GHD's on the rare occasion I can be bothered. So y'know that for me to be doing a haircare post to begin with, I have to really like the products. Today I thought I'd share with you the haircare things I've been reaching for on the regular. For the most part they're all pretty cheap and cheerful and I love 'em for that. Oh and just for context, I have thick, semi-coloured hair. From what my hairdresser tells me it's pretty healthy aside from the dryness where it was coloured. Otherwise, I have no major qualms with it. Anyway, the products...

Batiste Dry Shampoo-I'm very late to the Batiste party as every beauty blogger on Earth seems to have raved and discussed this at some point. I'm sure you all know how this works. This product is amazing for giving your hair a bit of a refresh in between washes. Just make sure you massage it in properly if you have dark hair like me because it will stand out. Otherwise you can't really go wrong. I still prefer Bumble and Bumble's Pret A Powder to this but for a budget-friendly alternative it isn't half bad.

Lush Sunny Day Anti Static Hair Detangler*-If I don't use some kind of anti-frizz product on my hair after it's washed, hair that resembles Anne Hathaway's pre-makeover is a very real possibility. This is where Sunny Day comes in and saves the day. In honesty, I wasn't hugely keen on the scent at first but I got over it because this product is fantastic. Seriously, if I use this my hair doesn't take on a mind of its own. It stays reasonably flat and static-free. I'll definitely be repurchasing this once I run out. It's going to be a godsend in Summer.

Ouai Wave Spray-Ouai's wave spray has already made an appearance on the blog so I'll keep things brief. If you want waves and a bit of body without the crunch of a standard sea salt spray, this is for you. It's extremely lightweight and smells divine, being scented with Italian lemon, amber and white musk. I'm definitely going to be checking out the Ouai stand when I'm in reach of a Sephora later in the year.

Via Twirl Ties*-Having thick hair means I really don't like tying it up. Most hair-ties tend to pinch my hair and just end up feeling more uncomfortable than anything. I'm more often likely to pin it back than use a tie. Anyway, these spiral hairbands are a game changer. They don't pinch and don't leave crazy kinks in your hair. In fact, I forget I even have my hair tied up when I'm using these. They're that comfortable. I'm not gonna lie, I am rather fond of the coppery coloured ones in particular. It's the small details right?

-Have you tried any of these haircare products before? What did you think of them. 

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