The Melbourne Haul: Fashion, Books, Etc

Today we have a little, condensed roundup of some of the bits and pieces I grabbed in Melbourne. Non-beauty of course. Some of what I grabbed was gifts for friends and family for Christmas, hence it's not here but here's a little snippet anyway. Enjoy!

The Books: Can I go to a foreign country and not buy books? Especially when they're so much cheaper. Don't quote me on this but I don't think they tax books in Australia like they do here, hence the cheaper prices. Case in point. I grabbed a couple at Dymocks: Inside Vogue and Air Kisses, Readings: Something To Say and The Wrong Girl and then Artful by Ali Smith from a Book Barn. The latter had every book in store for ten dollars. Utter bargain. 

Muji: I could not go to Melbourne and not visit Muji. What I was not anticipating was just how busy it was, although I've since been told that Muji is always busy. Who knew? Muji was a plethora of covetable, inexpensive things but I was actually reasonably restrained. I think I only spent about $20 in there. Shout out to their amazing pens that are pictured above. I sincerely regret not buying at least fifty of them. I also loved the notebook+bag+tshirt stamping station where you could personalise your things. So cool. NZ needs a Muji right now please.

The shoes of dreams: To know me is to know I hate shoe shopping. Okay, hate is a strong word, I sincerely dislike it. So when I stumbled upon these shoes in Zara and they fit my weirdly proportioned feet, I was beyond happy. I can't find 'em online, nor did I spot them in-store here at home so I am guessing they may be sold out now. There's lots of similar variations in store though, including some that look almost identical to those fur-trimmed Gucci ones that are sending everybody into a bit of a loafer frenzy.

Decorative Delights: Aka the one where I go on my usual card, Christmas decoration acquisition. I grabbed some decorations from David Jones (this and this), some cards from the Viktor and Rolf exhibit and some beautiful Megan Hess for Disney cards that I am going to frame. 

Sweet Treat Yo'Self: If I could have bottled Boost Juice up and smuggled it home, past two lots of customs and security, I so would have. Seeing as that is not an option, I made do with some lollies I love. First up; Fantales. Why we don't have these in NZ is beyond me. I freakin' love them and regret only buying one extra bag to come home with. Also making its way back to Auckland; Violet Crumble which is basically like a Crunchie bar, but better. Some boiled sweets from the Vic Markets made their way back here too. Raspberry drops, nom oh and Smiths Chips, S&V chips because I am a bit obsessed with them. I did eat fruit in Australia guys, promise(!), I just couldn't bring that back. 

-So that concludes my Melbourne posts! I hope you've enjoyed this little series of shorts. Have a great weekend, it's no secret how I am spending mine..

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