Women's Magazines that I Read and Liked

We all know my love for books is only really rivaled by my love for magazines. Discovering new ones to enchant and inspire me is naturally something I enjoy. Recently I've been wanting something a bit more from my women's magazines. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy perusing the pages of Vogue and Allure. I just have been  craving magazines a bit wordier and more idea-filled than what I usually reach for. Today I want to fill you in on three magazines you may not be so familiar with. They all deliver something different and are equally as inspiring. Coincidentally they are all British too. There must be something in those English magazine waters...

Bedboat, published quarterly-An independently published title, Bedboat is only available as a print magazine. The team appreciate the beauty in something that we can all hold and read, rather than cast our eyes across a PDF file and I love that about them. That's not where the love for Bedboat magazine ends though. Inside you will find a treasure trove of ethereal, dreamy imagery and writing that will inspire you to put pen to paper yourself. It embraces creativity in all its forms and does it brilliantly. The next issue is out in January 2017, I backed the Kickstarter campaign but if you want to pre-order a copy you can do so here. Oh and if you're in Auckland you might be able to find this in Mag Nation Ponsonby if there's still some copies there.

The Gentlewoman, published biannually-The Gentlewoman is the sister publication of Fantastic Man and The Happy Reader. It's the talented middle sister in a trio of creative, well designed paper siblings basically. It's also incredibly hefty and crammed with a tonne of content, focusing on inspiring women and fashion+style in a way that never feels trite or superficial. Past issues have profiled woman such as Saiorse Ronan, Tilda Swinton, Adele, Beyonce and others. Issue 13 looks at Zadie Smith and her latest novel Swing Time. Side note: It's a brilliant book and I'm loving savouring every last sentence. Diana Athill, literary editor is featured as is Erin Brokovich among others. If you like wordier magazines that are designed seamlessly and are an absolute treat to read, this is for you. 

Riposte, pubished quarterly-Another magazine that is in a similar vein to The Gentlewoman but with less of a focus on fashion. Each issue contains curated content, specially produced for that issue which I think is pretty darn fantastic. They also do brilliant essays and interviews as well. Issue 6 featured a great one with Gloria Steinem and Barbara Nessim. Again, if you like magazines that are a bit wordier and embrace women from all walks of life, you should hunt this down.

-What women's magazines do you read and like?

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