10 Ways To Prepare For Gilmore Girls On Netflix

As I write this it is now just a week until Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life wings its merry way onto Netflix. Less time than that if we are getting really technical. Excitement levels are nearing their peak. As Leslie Knope would say "this is my Hoover Dam" and I think it's safe to bet that this is going to be an iconic, unforgettable moment for many of us. While the days are disappearing faster than I can say "Oy with the poodles already" and if we're going by Lorelai Gilmore speeds, that is fast, it's never too late to be prepared. For what exactly? The religion, the lifestyle that is marathon watching the four movie-length specials. Let's be real. Who is realistically going to stagger each one? Here's ten ways to prepare for the arrival of the new Gilmore Girls episodes...

1. Binge watch the entire show. It may be a little late in the piece to do that now, although if you do decide to indulge in that this weekend, there will be no judgement from me. I have been re-watching the show from the beginning for most of the year and still have all of Season 7 to go. I can't realistically see myself finishing it but I'm going to make an effort to. In between my other commitments of course Madre, if you're reading. 

2. Organise a viewing party. I'm actually going to be watching the specials next week of course, but an actual party followed by analysis and discussion of each one will be taking place the following weekend. If there's anything we want to get passionate about, we have a week to do that. Of course there will be supplies of the Gilmore Girls favourite things; coffee, Pop Tarts and junk food on hand. 

3. Quiz yo'self. Are you competitive like Rory or Paris? Now is the time to brush up on each season and make sure you're a connoisseur when it comes to all things Gilmore. Buzzfeed has a tonne of fun Gilmore themed quizzes you can take to test your knowledge as well as some other ones where you can see which of Rory's men you'd end up with, what Hogwarts House you'd be in based on your Gilmore preferences and other things.

4. Rewatch the trailer. You know you want to. Following that, start speculating about what you think is going to happen and what questions you want answered. This could potentially be another game. Perhaps a prize for whoever guesses the most plot elements correctly?

5. Buy Lauren's book. Technically this is released after the episodes debut on Netflix but there's no harm in being organised. There'll be plenty of Lorelai themed anecdotes in here and after the episode-watching is done, you can guarantee I will be working my way through this. 

6. Make pro/con lists to determine which of Rory and Lorelai's teams you're on. Loyal fans will know Rory loves a good pro/con list and there is always countless debate among my friends as to whom each Gilmore is best suited to. This is the perfect way to determine the answer to those controversial questions by examining the finer details. G and J if you're reading, we should do this so we can compare answers.

7. Complete my tag. Whether you're a blogger or not, you could still do this if you want. Personal bias aside, this is actually really fun to do and I highly recommend you ask yourself these questions.

8. Watch films like a true pop-culture buff. Movies and endless pop culture references are a big part of Gilmore Girls. While you wait for the new episodes, why don't you consult their movie list and find some you've not seen to watch? I'm adding Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Funny Girl and Jerry Maguire to my list.

9. Indulge in some Gilmore Girls snacks. Coffee, a pastry a la Luke's Diner, Pop Tarts, Red Vines, Chinese food. The options are endless here. Perhaps you'll branch out and try Mallowmars too? Are they real...*

10. Treat yourself to some Gilmore Girls merch. I found the card pictured above on Etsy. Actually Etsy is the best for cool things. You could get this cute print of Fall in Stars Hollow, some complimentary pencils to share with all your Gilmore Girls loving friends, this philosophical tee or even a Luke's Diner pin.

-How will you be preparing for the revival?

*I asked Google and they are real.

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