September Favourites

September has slipped away like that *clicks fingers*. It's been quite the month for lack of a better word. September saw many things; housesitting, goodbyes, a newfound love for diary writing and an appreciation for the return of flowers and more hours of sunshine. This month's favourites selection is a bit of everything; music, perfume, literature and of course some beauty to round it all out...

Kenzo World EDP*: Fragrance has definitely been something I've been drifting between during September. This new scent from Kenzo is one I keep coming back to. Floral, light and rather lovely if I do say so myself. That gorgeous eye shaped bottle is difficult to resist too.

Ring Cone x Claybird Ceramics: Isn't this exquisite? I've been eyeing up ring cones for a while, usually online and haven't wanted to buy one. Simply because the idea of one arriving in the post, crushed to smithereens by less than gentle post staff crossed my mind one time too many. Anyway, this month Claybird Ceramics had a pop-up stall inside Ponsonby Central and given this combined many of my favourite things; dots, gold, navy, it would have been rude to ignore it. I don't know what to say other than it is beautiful and it keeps my rings in one place. 

Mecca Max The Illuminati Shadow in Showbiz: Glittery, cream shadows are my weakness. That's no secret around these parts. I decided to give Mecca Max's own brand ones a go to see how they deliver. They definitely do not disappoint. What I will say though is because these go from a cream to a powder finish quite quickly you do have to be quite fast applying them. That being said, it's the kind of formula that is easy to apply and layer on top of. Showbiz is a coppery, rose gold piece of perfection. I reach for it several times a week now when I'm deciding what makeup to wear.

Stardust Sunglasses x Glassons: I've only just discovered the name of these sunnies and I love it. I don't usually go into Glassons but I wanted some cheap eyewear I can just throw on when I go out on my breaks and vice versa. I like that they're a bit oversized, have a slight yellow-y tint to the lens so everything looks a bit more sunny and make me feel cooler than I am when I wear them. They also give me John Lennon vibes too which I am never going to complain about.

Drying Lotion x Mario Badescu: Apologies for the lack of links here, blame my Internet for being temperamental. This truly is a hero product and I am so glad Kylie Jenner bought it to my attention. During her year of realising stuff if I remember correctly. Thank you KJ and Snapchat. Anyway, this solution, which you apply to a cotton bud and then on to blemishes works wonders. Seriously, it renders most pesky blemishes invisible in twelve hours. I've had to use it a couple of times to banish more planet-like ones but I can't complain when it gets rid of them so easily. Absolute lifesaver if you want to get rid of zits without popping them. Gross but true.

Conversations With Friends** by Sally Rooney: First things first, this is a debut novel by a twenty-something. I'm not sure why that blows my mind so much. The story of Bobbi and Frances, two 21 year olds on the verge of graduating University. Frances is an aspiring writer and Bobbi is her former lover and best friend. The two are profiled by renowned writer Melissa and introduced to her actor husband Nick and a world of adult sophistication and ideals. As the title would suggest, the book centres around conversation. The intimate intricacies, the symbolism in the silence, the way in which lingering on a phrase or talking point can communicate so much. All of the characters are flawed, mistake-makers and discovering their destiny and in turn themselves. It's such compelling reading and I've loved being absorbed in its pages on my train trips this month. 

Something To Tell You x Haim: It took me a long time to listen to Haim properly but now I am fully on the bandwagon. Their latest album reminds me of parties and evenings with friends. Going through all the motions, the changing patterns of the light as candlelight flickers in swirling shadows on the walls, the deep and meaningful banter. It's just a brilliant listening fest all round really. 

-What have you loved during September?

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**Review Copy

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