Giftmas #2: GIRLS

Today's gift guide is one for those of us who run the world, as Beyonce would say. While I'm wary of businesses seemingly cashing in on feminism for commercial gain, I've made a conscious effort to include products for inspiring, boss babes. There's a bit of everything as you'll see and they're all available online. If you're not a mall fan, this guide is for you!

Leslie Knope Pin: Ahh Leslie, Pawnee's answer to Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama in one package, c/o Amy Poehler. This pin would surely help you nail that business proposal, or inject you with inevitable optimism I am sure. There are also Gilmore Girls options and April Ludgate if she's more your spirit animal. I won't judge you.

Violet Magazine: The brainchild of Leith Clark that is really more a book than magazine, despite its glossy pages. It's something you will want to dip in and out of and peruse over and over again. It's beautifully presented and laden with content by and about inspiring women. 

Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo: Now this is perhaps one product to be a touch skeptical about but I'm including them if only for the fact the names are all brilliant and the shades are stunning. Creamy, pigmented colour that packs a punch and looks extremely luxe. A treat in the best way. 

South and West* x Joan Didion: I personally love Didion's work. There's something brilliant about her writing that is hard to pinpoint unless you've experienced it yourself. So on that note (ha) I recommend her latest book be added to your wishlist or gifted to somebody else. 

Patsy Midline Bra x Lonely: I love Lonely lingerie and their campaigns featuring diverse women. Their pieces are just exquisite, well made and incredibly comfy+luxe to wear. A treat for sure but worth every cent. 

NARS Love Triangle: These mini gift sets from NARS combine their popular blushers with lipsticks. Many are in the Audacious formula but there's also a duo with the Orgasm blush+lipstick. If you wanted to get DIY you could wrap this and then hang it on the tree for somebody to unwrap. 

Safety Pin Pearl Hoop Earrings x Alexa Chung: If they're an Alexa Chung enthusiast or into accessories, Alexa has you covered. I love these earrings but also the severed hand pieces and the rainbow choker gives me 00's nostalgia vibes. Actually Alexa's whole collection is gift-worthy but I'm not biased. *ahem*

What Happened x Hillary Rodham Clinton: One of the best books I've read this year. A candid and refreshingly honest, if not at times frustrating account of *that* stranger than fiction election. Despite Hillary's obvious disappointment it's still a hopeful read. 

*For the interests of clarity, I was sent this book earlier in the year for review.

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