Giftmas #3: Indie Cindy

I am obviously biased but this gift guide may just be my favourite yet. This one is all about supporting the more niche businesses, with a focus on independent makers and sellers. It's a mix of everything because when it comes to indie sellers we are spoilt for choice. Also, the title is reference to a quote I saw online once, "that girl is an indie cindy." no idea who said it but it resonates so anyway. Gift guide incoming...

// Winona Girl Gang: I love this Etsy store which came to my attention care of resident rad lady, Liv. There's a range of girl gang cards and prints but seeing as I'd be most likely to join Winona's girl gang, I have opted for this one. I framed up the card in one of my clear frames and have done this for gifts in the past as it's usually an inexpensive but meaningful option. Art is the best.

// Frank Coffee Mini Scrub Duo: The brand that took Instagram by storm is still going strong. This Christmas they've released mini sets of a couple of their scrubs. This duo could be divided among people or as a sneaky lil' treat to yourself. Hey if you love coffee, there's nothing better right?

// Anyone Girl: A bit of a cheeky inclusion because this is on my wishlist but I had to include this local publication. Issue Two looks at the female form and includes essays, photography, poetry and other creative goodness that I just need on my shelves and in my life. And YOU obviously need this as well. 

// Pigment Studio: It'd be socially unacceptable to not include my pal Albertine's awesome pieces. She's one talented lady. Pictured above are her Tabitha earrings and she actually has some of her other pieces discounted. Perfect for the holiday season. I love the Brie earrings as well. They're wondrous. 

// Claybird Ceramics: Another of my favourite makers is Yon Kavvas from Claybird. She makes a range of exquisite pieces; from bowls through to ring cones. She even does cute pins-I've seen a cat face and a pizza before. Everything is one of a kind too so you'll know that whatever gift you choose, they'll be receiving something unique. 

// Himalayan Salt Lamp: So I'm back with another cheeky wishlist inclusion. This is definitely more an aesthetic kind of gift but they're also pretty relaxing and add a certain ambience to your space. I like that these ones from Bread and Butter Letter are reasonably priced as well. 

// Hydrangea Ranger: Confession time: I pretty much exclusively visited the Auckland Fair to get my Hydrangea Ranger fix. While the fair may be no more, you can still get your fix online or in person at Widdess in Ponsonby. I love her prints but also the intricate jewellery and the framed pressed flowers. Actually I love everything and think it's all worth treating yourself or somebody else to.

// Rifle Paper Co 2018 Appointment Wall Calendar: Rifle Paper Co's calendars are such dreamy works of art. This wall calendar is bedecked in floral illustrations and has spaces to write any important dates or reminders you have coming up. I know some people will just argue and say iCal is where it is at but is iCal as pretty? No it is not.

-Who are your favourite indie brands to support at Christmas? 

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