November Favourites

November is one of my favourite times of the year. Seasonally, the peonies are out in full force-although let's not talk about my unsuccessful bunch and the sky+water are bedecked in shades of blue. That and blueberries+strawberries make a reappearance. This month beauty-wise I've sticked to tried+true staples and haven't really switched it up a whole lot. We also have some non-beauty favourites in there too just to balance it all out. Here's what has taken my fancy this month...

Chanel Ombre Premiere in Undertone: That trip I took to the Chanel boutique on a whim proved successful. I love this cream shadow and find myself reaching for it most days. It just gives the lids a little something-something if you're time pressed as I am most mornings when it comes to makeup. I like how it can be worn underneath other colours without interfering with them too much as well. 

Glossier Balm Dotcom: This lives in my bag 24/7, I love it that much. As a primer for lipstick, on its own in place of lipstick (are you sensing a theme here with my lack of makeup?), even as an eye gloss. 

Girl Interrupted x Susanna Kaysen: This book was recommended on a Buzzfeed post of books about mental health and because I've been wanting to see the movie, I decided to give it a read first. In it Kaysen recounts her experience with mental health at eighteen and entering an institution in the late sixties. It's intense at times but it's beautifully written. I found the reports from her therapists that are scattered throughout particularly fascinating as well. 

NARS Love Triangle: One of the products from the Man Ray collaboration are these duo blush+lipstick sets from NARS. I grabbed the set with the Deep Throat blush and Barbara lipstick. They're both beautiful pinky nudes, incredibly wearable and perfect for everyday wear. I love the mini size too-ideal for the overpacked handbag *ahem, talking about myself here, ahem*. 

Stevie Nicks: Thanks to the babe that is Lucie, I got to see Stevie last Monday night and it was amazing. She was otherworldly, brilliant and everything I expected her to be. Honestly I feel so grateful I was able to see her and of course hear her stories about her music, songs and the people in her life. The gold dust woman certainly shone and I'll be listening to her music on repeat for a while yet. 

Lonely Lingerie: I freakin' love Lonely and their campaigns, message and of course range of lacy, luxe, exquisite lingerie. At the beginning of the month I treated myself to a couple of new bras and they're amazing. Comfortable, gorgeously designed. I'm sorry if this is an overshare but y'know when you find something great you just have to discuss it? This is one of those times. Also props to the Newmarket store because I entered intimidated and left feeling confident and empowered af. 

-What have you loved during November?

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