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Aka the ride or dies, the ones I would pretty much never be without. It's been an age since I did a post like this, curating a bunch of the beauty bits 'n bobs I have repurchased and will continue to do so. I honestly don't try a ton of new things now and don't feel obligated to follow all the new launches as much as I did so I am gravitating towards what I know and love nowadays. I get by with a little help from my makeup friends or something like that hey...

Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder: Ah interesting, this has been repackaged, possibly reformulated too. I am not entirely certain. This is my go-to setting powder and has been for ages. It gets the job done in terms of mattifying without being too matte. My only qualm is the shade I use, #1 seems to be near-impossible to find here in NZ. I only ever see the darker shades which is disappointing. Otherwise I like this and its relative inexpensiveness.

Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara: I seem to go through phases with mascaras but I know what I like and this mascara ticks many of those boxes. This must be my third or fourth tube of this mascara now and I honestly love it. Lengthening, volumising, holds a curl and stays well put. It really puts those Western mascaras to shame. 

Glossier Balm Dotcom: I love Balm Dotcom, I use it every morning to prep my lips and also always have one in my bag. I use it during the day at work, when I remember, ahem chapped lips central. It's also great to use as an eye gloss when you can't be bothered faffing around with beauty. Oh and it smells divine. My favourite is this birthday cake scented one pictured. 

Too Faced Hangover Primer: I'm not sure why this primer earnt its name but one isn't fussy when it's this brilliant. Packed with a load of friendly skin ingredients, it's also moisturising and keeps your base looking top notch all day long. I've tried a few primers over the years and this is definitely my favourite of the bunch. 

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer: I have it on good (ish) authority that this is finally coming to NZ soon! I don't know when exactly, Maybelline tends to drop a ton of products here all at once so I'm guessing it won't be far off. Anyway, under-eye concealer of choice to cover up sleep deprivation and tired, tired eyes. Whoops. Again, I've been through so many of these that I've lost count but it's a fan favourite for a reason. 

By Terry Ombre Blackstar: So I received a Mecca voucher for Christmas and recently repurchased my beloved Misty Rock. My original was quite old and to be fair probably wasn't really fit to be used on my eyes anymore. These eyeshadows are stunning and do not budge all day. Seriously, I've been wearing this in the midst of Auckland's...unusual heat wave, occasionally in a building with broken air conditioning and it's stayed put. 

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base: If this primer ever gets discontinued I will buy up every last one. Well, perhaps not but it is the only thing that stops eyeshadow becoming a line in my crease come morning tea time. I like that it is clear so it doesn't interfere with the colours of eyeshadow either. I've been using this for five or six years now too-cripes! 

Coco Mademoiselle x Chanel: I haven't had to repurchase this yet as both times I've received it as a gift, thanks 'rents. That being said it is one of the few perfumes I own that I would buy over and over. We all know I am not fond of describing perfumes because I tend to slaughter them. Chanel perfumes are iconic so I am sure you'd recognise this upon spritz. 

-What are your beauty mainstays? 

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