February Favourites

February has been most fabulous although it does feel fleeting. Which I say every month I know, it's a tired cliche. There's surprisingly not been much in the way of newness when it comes to beauty and after my massive cull, I've really been sticking to what I know and love. There's also quite a few non-beauty loves this month. Some of which let's be honest won't be that surprising but warrant mentioning again. Anyway, February Favourites...

Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara: So this mascara is no stranger to me but I recently cracked open a tube of it that was in my backup stash and I gotta tell you, it is good. The brush on this one is unique with three spherical indents throughout. Sounds crazy, kinda is but whatever it is works to lengthen and volumise your lashes like nothin' else. 

Zoeva Brushes: So part of my makeup cull saw a major brush cull and now many of my brushes come from Zoeva. I love all their brushes. They're soft and super lightweight and are easy to clean. They're also relatively inexpensive as well and are such lovely quality. I recently picked up the powder brush, above and I love it. I've previously used bigger powder brushes but I find this one a better size for building up setting powder, rather than applying a shedload at once. 

L'Oreal Micellar Water*: My beloved Bioderma bit the dust this month and seeing as this was in my stash, I decided to whip it open. I'm very impartial to Bioderma but this may be swaying me. Which is a good thing because it is much much easier to get my hands on. Designed for normal/combination skin, it is fragrance free and removes every last scrap of base makeup. I use it to break down lipstick as well as clean up any eye makeup remnants. If you're after a good, relatively inexpensive micellar water, check out L'Oreal's. 

The Accidental x Ali Smith: I kinda regret including this book now because anything I say about it will not do it justice. I loved how Smith intertwined so many elements; descriptive narration, scattered dialogue, poetry. The novel is broken up into three acts, with each closing with some reference to film and it's just exquisite. Sure, I kinda kept seeing someone I know as one of the characters, which made it a bit more vivid but regardless I really loved it. The more of Ali Smith's work I read, the more I love it and her so I'm going to be working my way through everything she's written from now on.

Call Me By Your Name: If you haven't guessed by the amount of times I've worked this into conversation on and offline, or listened to the soundtrack while I work, or worked out when I should reread the novel the film is adapted from, I loved it. The cinematography is beautiful, the cast is fantastic, the story is so rich and vibrant. I have found myself fantasising about visiting Italy again, reading books out the window of an Italian villa. Pools so picturesque they may as well be sculptures, fruit for days and music everywhere. The monologue towards the end of the film with Elio+his father is so well done. I highly, highly rate this movie and know it's going to remain one of the best things I watch in 2018. 

Lana Del Rey: After remembering how much I love this song I've been on a real Lana Del Rey kick. I'm particularly loving her Honeymoon album but honestly all her music is pretty much the soundtrack of my Summer. Again, it's another thing I've been listening to while I work. Her lyrics and the vivid, cinematic quality of her songs are just magic. I hope she tours to New Zealand someday because I will be first in line.

The Good Place: This freakin' show. I remember seeing the preview image on Netflix and thinking 'frozen yoghurt, okay this looks weird' and not thinking much more of it. Well, I am on the bandwagon now. I won't say too much about this show because it is easily spoiled and you really just need to watch it for yourself. Kristen Bell is amazing as Eleanor and I also love Jameela Jamil as Tahani. Michael Schur, one of the geniuses who bought us Parks & Rec created this show so you know it's going to be special. Just watch it if you're one of the few people who haven't seen it yet.

-What have you loved during February?

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