The Little Things

It is in the smallest of nuances that we can find true happiness and delight. After all, with a bit of perspective and contemplation, it's easy to look around you and see that actually this life is pretty fantastic. Do not get me wrong, there are definitely days when I personally struggle to feel grateful and listen to melancholy tunes whilst hiding my eyes behind sunglasses. Today though I want to wax lyrical on the daily rituals I love as well as the admiration I feel for those I surround myself with...

Walking to work and listening to music: This seems to always put me in a good mood and gives me a bit of pep in my step. It could be the fact that I know coffee is just around the corner as well. In seriousness, this is one of my favourite ways to zone out and I love it.

The way the light hits trees in Summer, silhouetting them: I have such an obsession with shadows and silhouettes. I just think they're beautiful and the way a bunch of flowers, palm trees, cabbage trees and just trees in general become shadowy and ethereal at night literally makes me all like "yasss nature". Not to mention the sky is usually bedecked in seriously stunning pastel colours as well, making this all the more exquisite.

Life without digital footprints: Recently I was talking to someone about social media and they don't have Facebook, Instagram and vice versa. Someone else chimed in asking how they knew they were living a full life and they replied "because I am out there living it and not absorbed in the minutiae of everyone else's." I know some people throw their lack of digital-ness around with an air of superiority but those who genuinely don't feel the need to have it, mad respect. Imagine if we had platforms without the like or comment buttons, without the ability to track someone's following by a  row of names and numbers. Don't get me wrong, I love Instagram and Twitter too much to quit them but I do find myself envying people who aren't online sometimes. Hmm...

Reading on the train: The sun casting shadows onto my pages, scribbling notes in the margins, underlining passages that resonate. I often have my diary on me at all times and sometimes a couple of books or a magazine. I tend to alternate between the two but again, I love to zone out and unwind at the end of a long day or first thing in the morning. 

Being surrounded by people I respect and admire: We choose our tribes, sure but then there are also the people we meet and/or see on the daily. I count myself lucky I get to spend time with inspiring, kind people who are more interested in building one another up than tearing each other down. 

The morning cup of coffee: A ritual best savoured, whether that be at my desk or at the kitchen counter. Sometimes it's accompanied by an Instagram browse or a flick through a magazine but I often prefer to just sit and drink my coffee. Gather my thoughts, spy on the cats, go over the day's schedule in my mind. 

Spritzing the air and myself with a perfume: Another morning ritual I love and usually the last thing I do before I head out the door. Okay, sometimes the second to last because I have a fantastic habit of leaving my car keys in strange places. I wrote on this a bit already here

Flowers: Next to this in my notes I've added, 'in all forms'. I love flowers and think if I was a better plant owner, I'd have an array of them regularly. My shortcut to work involves a walk past a dairy that always has flowers outside. Overpriced, sure but beautiful nonetheless. I also love going to the Winter Garden here in Auckland when I can and also admiring flower arrangements. At the moment I am lusting after these dried arrangements because they just look stunning.

The art of conversation: Something that is probably telling, one of my school reports noted "Sophie enjoys engaging in chatter". I love a good banter. Learning other people's stories and passions have always been something I've enjoyed. Probably why I enjoy memoirs so freakin' much. Lately though I've realised more and more how much I love a good banter and how fulfilled great conversation leaves me feeling. The. Best.

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