The Beauty Files, Vol. 6

Two beauty posts in a week? What is this sorcery?! The Beauty Files is another series I started in 2017 and it's back for the New Year. Today we have a tanning product that is pale-face friendly, some rediscovered gems, some I think are worth not spending dollars on and of course some that are top of the lust list. Side note: To those of you who have asked, I finished my declutter, for now. Posts and things are coming-I just need to work out how I want to cover them...

Something New: Eco Tan Face Tan Water, this was one hundred per cent an enabled purchase after asking someone what they were using to make themselves so bronzed and radiant. Basically she said "Sophie, you need to have this in your life." and after hunting around for it for what felt like an age, I finally found it. The fact that it was so hard to acquire in the shops due to it regularly being out of stock probably says it all. It is very early days, I've only applied it twice because I still have bad flashbacks to the Clinique mousse tan for my school ball, circa '09 and thus approach anything tan related with caution. Tangents aside, I am loving it and the fact it is so skin-friendly too. Just look at that ingredients list. Now if I can find something as equally friendly for the body I'd be so satisfied. Recommendations welcome. 

Something Loved: The Dolce Vita Palette x Charlotte Tilbury. I've owned this one for a little while and I've probably mentioned it in one of these posts before. Anyway, lately I've been enjoying palettes again-if only for the effortlessness of being able to combine colours without much faffing around. This one though is a stunner. Yes that pressed glitter is the main drawcard but I just love these reddy, bronzey shades. 

Something Rediscovered: Boy Brow x Glossier. As I noted on Instagram I thought I didn't like this product but I'm not too sure why. Anyway, as I am sure the Internet knows by now, Glossier prides itself on its minimal approach. So Boy Brow will give you a bit of colour and brow maintenance but won't be packing in a ton of pigment. As someone with naturally thick eyebrows that's really all I'm after. I've been through a couple of these now and love the stuff. 

Something(s) Unconvincing: Bad Gal Bang x Benefit. First things first I need to preface this by saying I was sent this mascara as part of a blind review, from Farmers NZ, a local department store here. As with all things, I feel like mascara is incredibly subjective and I know for one I am extremely fussy with mascaras. Anyway, I'm not a fan. I just felt like this did nothing for my lashes and it smudged. There's certainly better mascaras out there. Another product I haven't tried but I'm just not overly swayed by, the Glossier Solution. I'm not a skincare genius but Caroline's post paints a pretty decent picture as to why your toner/acid in skincare funds are better invested elsewhere. I use this and have repurchased it a few times because it works. 

Something Lustworthy: After thinking about this a bit, the only thing I really want at the moment is a Bella Freud candle but I feel like that doesn't count. I dunno, none of the new launches are really calling my name right now. My wallet's probably thankful haha.

-What's on your beauty radar at the moment?

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